Top Mobile Marketing Tips from the Gurus on Day 1 of Mobile Web Africa

A quick intro:

I have been asked to share the information that I had learnt in the Mobile Web Africa conference. Originally, I was going to summarise the 3 days and just pick out the main themes however when I did that, I felt like I was doing an injustice to the presenters. So I am going to try a new format.

I will pick out some speakers and summarise their point so that you can easily direct your questions to the speakers themselves.

Disclaimer: by no means are these point their entire presentations and this is how I understood what they presented.

Mobile Web in Africa – Day 1: focus on “This is Mobile Marketing”

Walter PikeWalter Pike

Walter Pike (Marketing Maven) kicks off the day with “Whats missing in the development of mobile marketing in South Africa” as his topic. Walter explained how trying to use traditional marketing in new digital space simply doesn’t work. Its not about ROI or Engagement but about the actual experience that people have. This leads to ideas spreading. The experience is what drives the discussion and what get “friends” talking – not the “channel”.

Marketing is currently all about interruption. “When we drive our cars – we are interrupted with a billboard. Interrupt whilst watching TV with an Advert –why is that ?“ asks Walter. Consumers should want to go an get your information and not be forced.

Its not about the number of follower or likes, but rather about the right influential people who follow you and believe in you. Just as slutwalk went “viral” around the world in 6 month as people grouped around the idea. Brands should take note.

Nikki Cockcroft Nikki Cockcroft

Next up was Nikki Cockcroft (Chairperson of MMA & head up Woolworth’s Online)who was superb with lots of info but unfortunately had to rush through the “meaty” part of her presentation due to time constraints. I spoke to Nikki and will do a follow up with her – so more to come. In the mean time, here are Nikki’s main points:

Sell to customer on their terms. Nikki uses the phrase “Searchandising” meaning that 65% of searches are done on a Mobile on weekend looking for relevant items eg. restaurant so why would the result link to website ? ideally need to simply link to Mobi site & provide what people just want: “A map so I know how to get there & a telephone number so I can make a booking.”
Be warned: If you fail your customer once you loose them
know you user – don’t make customer re-register for your Mobi site if they already registered for your website. Carry their info through to all platforms.

Nikki explains why she sees that Mobile works: it is permission based, targeted, live & two-way. Its the “Right message, Right person, Right time.”
Because Social Networks allows people to share, they tend to describe what they have just purchased and their experience. Other people who read this suffer from FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. This can drive shopping & Brands should use that to their advantage.

Jason Probert Jason Probert

Jason Probert (Executive Head: Mobile Advertising Vodacom) reveals a shocking statistic: “60% of TV viewers are distracted by Mobile devices whilst watching tv”  this goes to reinforce just how married we are to our phone and therefore  Jason maintains that the traditional 4 P of marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion still apply to mobile however there is a need to move to the 5 R of new digital age– Relevance, Reach, Response, Rewards, Relationship:

  1. Relevance: Message must be relevant the person receiving it. dont waste consumers time with bull.
  2. Reach: the message needs to Reach the right people, right income level, right gender.
  3. Response– “its a phone dammit”  Jason reminds us. “Voice is the most powerful response !”.
  4. Rewards: can do cash rewards via Mpesa and Jason predicts that Mobile Vouchers are going to skyrocket even though we don’t have a coupon culture in SA
  5. Relationships: Consumer wants to enter into a relationship but on his or her terms. We need to respect that.

By the way: a great website Jason recommends: which is all about mobile marketing.

DSC_3213Sarah McCormack
Sarah McCormack from Advine discussed “how to grasp the mobile marketing opportunity” by focsing on Augmented Reality (AR). Whilst AR is fantastic, it is currently disjointed as you need to first download an Application before you can use AR. However, “when you mix Augmented Reality into the advert it helps your company’s brand go viral” maintains Sarah. Siting numerous examples, where AR is embedded into the advert such as Happy Feet  banner ad which had Augmented Reality built into the mobile advert superimposing penguins into your phones camera when taking a picture. This fun fact meant that pictures with the Happy feet penguins were emailed and shared with friends:.

Candice GoodmanCandice Goodman

Candice Goodman (MD of Mobitainment) shared her experiences with combining Mobile and TV marketing. A great case study of Surf Pick-a-box which had 480 000 entries in 2 month which was run over SMS and Voice, used different languages & was free – great SA appeal.

Candice summarises Mobile Marketing as fishing: Cast out a line & catch one bit of info. Then cast again & ask for new info.

Michael CowenRichard WaltonJanice AllemBrett St. Clair

Closing off the day were: Michael Cowen (Brandsocail), Richard Walton (RedPay),  Janie Allem (Silverstone CIS), Bertt St. Clair (Google).

The 4 musketeers session was a lively discussion which included:

  • Social Networking is happening in real world – now its just reborn online and measured
  • If user doesn’t have facility no point in building it. Phones don’t have NFC so don’t waste money on NFC billboard
  • Got to be generating Profit. X on Ad need to get Y back. If not what the point ?
  • Loyalty from customers means more likely talk about you positively
  • Brands need to be contextually relevant and therefore allows you to build the community & relationship
  • Got to be careful of analysis paralysis. Be careful of having too much data with no insight
  • its all about learning from the consumer and understanding the customer – perfecting the message & sell more products

What I took home as my leanings from day 1:

Its all about People– not customers and not consumers. People.When a person signs up & opts in to your Mobile campaign, you can not just leave them hanging when the campaign is done. Its not about Campaigns. It is a promise you have made to a person and to your mobile community.

People are not savvy & are the experts now. They know where to buy & how much it costs & what other people say about  the product they are about to purchase.  73% of consumers know more than the sales assistant. So now sales assistant need to step up a gear and be empowered to provide that additional layer of information to the customer.

Talk to your customers and ensure you give them the right information at the right place at the right time. Sending an SMS to a person who doesn’t have a car offering cheap car insurance is the same as speaking a French a person who only speaks Swahili – the offer might be great but its not going to happen !

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