Top Gear tonight gives away a trip to a South African fan

Top Gear - give awayTop Gear - give away

What are you doing tonight at 20:00 ? if you are at home, tune your DSTV to channel 120 and check out tonight’s Top Gear.

Besides the usual Clarkson , May and Hammond madness tonight episode has Laser tag, fighter jets and drag races – all in GT cars in the USA.

But wait there is more…

Besides a cool show, you could win flight, accommodation and tickets to the Top Gear Live festival in Durban  for you and your partner.

Sometimes tonight during the show the #TopGearSA hashtag will pop up along with a question.  You grab your phone, launch Twitter and answer the question with the hashtag and you are in the game ! (I am sure there are some T&C).

Its pretty cool that TV shows in SA are getting more engaging. In fact its about time. These days we watch TV with a mobile phone in our hands and usually a tablet or laptop nearby.  There is a captive audience that is already a “fan” watching the content that the TV is delivering. The perfect audience to engage with. 

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