Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - tips and tricksFor those of you who know me, you know that I go everywhere with my Samsung Galaxy Note.  After a couple of weeks with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , it looks like Samsung has paid close attention to the feedback from the users of the Note 1 and has created a masterpiece.

After the launch of the Note 2, I wrote about all its features. So time I want to do something different. Here are my ticks and tips on how to get the most out of your Galaxy Note 2:

Battery Life Tricks

Power Saving: One of the biggest improvements in the Note 2 over the Note 1 is in battery life. Not sure what they did to the Power Saving feature but it manages everything from the CPU speed to the background on the web browser (default one only). All in the name of conserving battery.

3G off/ on: need extra battery saving – turn off 3G from the pull-down notification screen.

S-Pen Detection off: I use the s-pend but not all the time. There is a feature that the phone “detects” when the s-pen is pulled out of not. Switch that off. It just drains battery

Storage Tricks

MicroSD & Dropbox: this is the simplest trick. You will need all this space for the cool apps and games oh and some work stuff. So buy a nice 32GB MicroSD which is pretty cheap these days and your Note 2 is now a storage beast.

Need more space ? no problem. The Note 2 comes with a 50 Gb Dropbox account that takes around 30 seconds to set up. Its Dropbox so you can access anything you place in there from anywhere else that can access Dropbox (your pc, tablet, other phones etc.). Whats also great is that Dropbox is part of the Share feature. So anything you have can easily be shared into your Dropbox.

Dont Kies and make up: If I want anything to be put onto the Note or taken off the Note I simply hook up the MicroUSB to the laptop and it becomes another drive. I then drag and drop onto it from Windows Explorer. Yes, you can use Kies software but why would you? (not my fav)

Clear Cache : just like a pc it can run out of memory as you run loads of apps so go and delete the cache to clear some memory.  On the Applications Manager, tap on an app that sucking your memory and tap the clear cache button.

S-Pen Tricks

S-Pen alarm: much like in real life you can leave a pen behind, those clever people through about that too. So you can enable the S-pen Keeper. Once you pull out the s-pen it “marks the spot”. If you walk away without inserting the pen back in, the phone’s accelerometer works out that you left it behind and it sounds an alarm. (wonder if they can do the same for car keys…)

Idea Sketch: warning to those parents with kids out there. Show your kids the hundreds of built-in images into the Idea Sketch and your kids will never give you the phone back.  You can even just write the name of an object and if it exists in the library it will bring up an image. Educational, Fun and hours of “darling can I get my phone back ? But you said 1 more picture an hour ago…”

Screenshot anything:  you take a screen shot of anything by holding down the button on the s-pen and press the tip on the screen. It then takes the screen shot into the app and you can draw, make comments, edit and save your new image. 

A little known fact is that you can do a screen shot of just a specific part of the screen. Just press the button on the s-pen, draw a shape on the screen and whatever is inside the shape will be saved as the screen shot.

One more: if you hold down the home button and the power button at the same time wait for the white flash and a screenshot is made.

Left handers vs Right Handers: If you are a Leftie (like me), you can change the s-pen setting to recognise left handers as we hold the pen differently so it needs to compensate and adjust for that.

Visual Tricks

Too much colour: I find that the AMOLED screen is too overbearing and colours can be  a bit too much “wow pop in your face” . Tone it down in the Display Setting that lets you choose how vivid the colours are. I change mine to "natural"

Video multi-tasking: Being able to pop-out the video whilst it still playing and overlay that on top of your “work” so you don’t miss anything is first class. One thing that the Note 2 doesn’t do is play back some file formats. No problem: head over to the Google Play store and download a media player like MX Player.

Auto Brightness: The default setting on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is to use automatic brightness that automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on the conditions which is detected by the ambient light sensor on the front. What I find is that the Note sometime isn’t bright enough so I switch the Auto off and adjust the screen brightness manually. HOWEVER, it will have an effect on the battery.

Output video: This is something that I wish the Note1 has – the ability to use the MicroUSB port to output HD video and audio. The Note 2 is able to do just that with a a MHL-to-HDMI converter Samsung cable you can connect it directly to a TV so you can use your Note to display presentations, spread sheets, video, photos etc.

By the way: In the Setting menu, tap into Accessories and put a tick into  the Surround box to get surround sound out of the device.

Miscellaneous Tricks

Simple Block: If you want to stop getting stalked by your ex, just play with the blocking mode that screens and restricts calls and notifications. You can also set it to work at specific times for example enable blocking of boss during evening hours.

Move Data: There are many options to move data from one device to another. You can use Bluetooth (old school and slow) or use WiFi Direct which is tied into SBeam. Simply enable this on both device and either tap the device together to initiate transfer or just “beam” the data across. Lightning fast.

Pro Camera: if you enable HDR mode in the camera options your photos will be optimised and look incredible. Only downside is that its a bit slower to process the photo. Speaking of slow there are modes that slow down or speed up anything captured by the camera – play with those for cool effects.


So these are my tips and tricks. They just help to make the Galaxy Note 2 an even better experience. If you have any more tips that you want to share just drop me an email or add your comment below.

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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13 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  1. how do you get outlook data including the notes on Contacts into the Galaxy?

  2. The power button on the Note2 are very tricky. Many times the phone turns off just when you want to take the phone up, becource you hit the button on the right side 🙁 The power button should be on the topp of the phone. Are there any way to disable the power button with an App ec. on the tuch screen and enable the same way ?

  3. Is there a way I can transfer all my music from my note 2 to the hard drive in my cars built in stereo

  4. yes if your car has that facility.
    Enable Bluetooth and make sure the Note 2 connects to the car’s stereo. Then when you press play on your Note 2 you can select how to play it – either on the Note or via Bluetooth

  5. Maybe I didn’t state my question clearly. I know how to play my music from my note 2 thru bluetooth. I want to know if there is a way I can copy my music from my note 2 onto the hard drive ton my car stereo so I don’t have to play it from my phone.

  6. for that to work, you need see if you stero has built-in storage capacity. Does it have a USB port ? if yes just copy the music onto usb memory stick and transfer it that way

  7. For the sprint note 2 u have to add the 3G turn on/off button in the notifications thru settings, notification settings.

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