Don’t Waste My Time !

nothing pisses me off more than having to wait for someone when you made an appointment !!!

We all experience this – you get to the Doctor for the 9:00 am appointment and the doc doesn’t bother to pitch up until 9:30. Or you set a meeting with a client or a supplier for 11:00 and they pitch up at 45 minutes late blaming “traffic”.

This is completely unacceptable. What these guys are basically saying is that their time is more valuable than my your time.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that “things happen” which are out of your control such as “traffic” however we live in a modern day where we have Cell phones.  So a simple phone call to apologise is the courteous thing to do but don’t wait until you are already late to make that call- let the person know that you will be late and give them the opportunity to re-schedule. In most cases they will wait and understand.

Do not do the cowerdly thing and send a “I am running late” SMS

As I am typing this the person that I am suppose to see is no where in sight and I have just checked my phone which has full reception and fully functioning. No call. I am on my second cappuccino and getting more and more irritated. Think I will send an email to my accounts department to bill him for my time !

So the Business TIP on Meeting:

1. Time – set an appointment for a time you can keep. Sounds obvious but you will be surprised how many people don’t take into consideration things like traffic and previous meeting that can run late. So space out your meetings.

2. 15 Minute rule – always set to arrive 15 minutes early to a meeting.  this gives you time to do things which you think about like: find parking, go to the bathroom, fire up your laptop, gather your notes and presentation material. If you aim for 15 minutes early, you will arrive on time.

3.  Use Technology – we all have cell phones and most of these can synchronise with your Computer’s Calendar (Outlook etc) Set the appointments and synch them to your phone. You can set to have your phone REMIND you of your appointments X number of minutes before each appointment. Use this feature – your phone beeps and you can use that as your reminder to wrap up the current meeting or get into your car.You can also use tools that send your meeting reminders via SMS to your phone. This is useful if you are not in front of your computer and/ or someone else makes appointments for you in your diary. You can find this at the SwiftSMS website click on the Outlook Plug In.

4. Running Late – If you ARE running late (heaven forbid) please please please CALL THE PERSON and let them know.

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