Time Lapse photography via your cell phone

Time Lapse photography via your cell phone

One of the coolest techniques a photographer can master is Time Lapse Photography. This is a technique where typically the camera is set to shoot a set number of pictures over a set period of time for example: 1 picture every 1 minutes. When the images are spliced together and are played back at normal speed, it appears as if time is moving faster and the photographers has managed to  “speed up time”. This technique is used to show “slow” action such as a plant growing over months or the sea tide lifting ships in the harbour.

One of the best examples of this Time Lapse techniques is done by a Norwegian photographer Mr. TSO who spent time on Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide which rises 3718m and is famous for attracting photographers from around the world to film an unobstructed view of the sky.

Mr Tso and other photographers spent 7 nights filming on top of El Teide resulting in this spectacular video which should be watched in full screen and in High Definition:

Create your own Time Lapse on cell phone

If you want to give it a try, go into your phone’s app store and download a Time Lapse application. I use Droid Lapse which has some nice features but there are loads of apps to choose from.

Time Lapse photography on your phone

Next you will need to set up the phone to focus on your subject.

The app will do all the work for you – just set how many pictures you want to capture over what period of time. Here is where you experiment. Start with 1 second and then set it to 30 seconds and see the difference. Does it look too fragmented and jumpy? then reduce your time.

Once you have the rate you are happy with, set the phone so it is stable and obviously not being held. Steady and consistent wins. 

Hit the Record Button.

Even mundane items such as the car ride to the local shops can be exciting when you set the phone to look out of your car’s window and record the journey with a Time Lapse app.

With a bit of patience you get some really spectacular clips.

Bonus Tip:

if you want to capture a 360 degree view of the room or location with a time lapse app but do not want to invest in expensive equipment that spins your phone, mount the phone to an egg-timer !


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