Three cool companies at Mobile World Congress

Three cool companies at Mobile World Congress

At Mobile World Congress, the “usual” companies are there with mansion-sized stands enticing the congress’s delegates to come and see what they have on offer.

Whilst their stands were amazing (and a sensory overload), anything I might have missed would be arriving in South Africa soon. So I set out to find was a couple of hidden gems in the vast event that consist of 8 halls each the size of the typical convention centre. There are so far apart that there were travelators to help tired feet rest whilst being taken from hall to hall !

So here are some cool companies I found at Mobile World Congress:



Phone covers are a big seller. We all want a unique cover that represent our personality as well as keep our phone safe when they get dropped and bumped. I found the company called InkCase which sells a phone case with a twist. 

InkCase is a cover with a second digital paper screen.

The InkCase takes photos from your gallery using its InkCase Photo app and transfers these to the cover screen so that your cover is continuously changing.

The InkCase can also display information such as the weather conditions or reminders and To Do List.

The screen uses digital paper and e-ink which is the same kind of display that Kindles and other e-readers use. This makes it an ideal platform to read e-books without straining the eyes. The EpiReader app transfers your e-book onto the cover allowing you to read even in direct sunlight.

If you strap your phone onto your bike, you can use the InkCase Sports apps to have quick access to your  speed, distance and other sports related information directly from the cover.

The the InkCase uses digital paper, there is very little drain on the battery although it does use Bluetooth to send the images & info to the cover so that does have some minimal power effect.

The InkCase comes in different colours for different phones and more info is available from the  InkCase website

4iiii Innovations:

4iiii Innovations:

This wearable tech straps and pods are the innovations from 4iiii and allow developers to integrate their apps into these pods that are worn by the user.

There are three variation of the pods:

The FYiiii Notifier strap allows you to filter which notifications you need to be aware of (e.g. when the wife calls). The pod then vibrated when the calls comes in  and you can simply double-tap on the pod and an predetermined action would take place e.g..  an SMS back to the caller: In a meeting can’t talk now.  These notifications and filters are customisable.

The Viiiiva Mini heart rate monitor is a strapless monitor that connects a full suite of sensors to a Smartphone allowing the wearer to have haptic feedback (vibration) with real-time and precise measurement of personal performance parameters.

The SideKiiiick is a GPS locator that doesn’t drain the phone’s battery and still allows for full GPS recording. It also integrated into a accelerometer, gyro and compass for additional information.

The pods are built on a 4iiii open API, with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart wireless communications (Liiiink), are waterproof and have an on-board memory for days of recording capability.

more info at



SanDisk has an interesting project on the go at Mobile World Congress. They wired up MotoX smartphones and placed them in a semi-circle formation. They then had three people stand in the middle and at  a designated moment they threw paper cups in the air. The 50 plus smartphones all snapped the picture at the exact moment. These many images were spliced together to form one image that showed the moment in time captured from all angles

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