This POST Sucks !

“This POST Sucks !”


Now this is a REALLY constructive criticism (sarcastic)…


So here is the thing: someone clicked on a title that they thought they would like to read, they read the Blog, didn’t like it and then bothered to click on the Comments, enter this magnificent comment and email address and submitted it.


What’s the point ?


If they would have continued their comments with something like “This post sucks because the information is wrong” or “because your spelling is shocking” or “I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve” or even “the fonts are horrible” – all these have a point which the poster can take into consideration


Having been to lots of Blogs and reading many posts, its amazing how negative some people can be. Its also amazing how comments can be down-right nasty ! (I saw a post on a blog that is created by a kid who is teaching magic  – the comments to one of this explanations of a trick were SHOCKING and the poor kid no longer posts on his Blog).


It takes time to write these Posts, its takes initiative and it even takes a courage to put yourself out there for the world to see. I find these pointless comments – just that – pointless !



 “This POST sucks” just goes to show a level of intelligence (i.e the lack thereof)

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