TheTechieGuy rounds up the Mobile Web Africa 2014

TheTechieGuy rounds up the Mobile Web Africa 2014

The Tech-scene is full of events throughout the year that cover every conceivable topic. These events give people from various industries the opportunity to hear from speakers about the tech world ranging from very basic overviews of the market down to intense workshops and deep-diving into code. There is something for everyone.

There is one event that stand out as a must-attend event and that is the Mobile Web Africa conference. Run by All Amber out of the UK, Matthew Dawes, brings out the best in the mobile industry to discuss everything from industry trends, to the local development scenes, to prediction of the future and what is happening in Africa. Speakers are all of  the “been there done it” calibre and speak from experience rather than theory. The nature of the event allows for close interaction and having a drink or lunch with CEO and MD of multimillion dollar companies is just a natural occurrence at the Mobile Web Africa event.

Once again the 2014 event was a raging success. The top of Randlords in Johannesburg, was the perfect vantage view to look at mobile and trends effecting companies and brands today and into the future.

If you didn’t make it this year, here is a taste of what you missed:

I am looking forward to 2015 event and will keep a close eye on the Mobile Web Africa webpage !

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