The Power of Mobile for your Business

When you leave home you take three things with you – your Wallet/purse, Keys and Cell phone. If you forget any of these you will go back to fetch them.

Today’s cell phones are doing more than just make and receive phone calls. They are storing our appointments, keeping family pictures, storing information such as bank account numbers, remind us when to fetch kids from school and even play our favourite MP3. These devices are becoming more and more integrated with every other device that we now NEED to carry it with us at all times.

It is for this exact reason that business are understanding the power of being able to communicate with their clients via SMS.

We have all seen it – in the middle of conversation or a meeting someone phone would beep informing him/ her that they have received a new SMS. The message on the screen asking the person “Read now YES or NO” is simply too tempting and even though they are in the middle of doing something else, they stop and press the YES button.

It has been proven that people can recall what their SMS messages said much more than they can recall which bill board they drove past or which advert they heard on the radio.

Business are tapping into this power !

The obvious usage that comes to mind is the Advertising application – send your customers advert about your product. BIG WARNING – this could have a very negative impact on your business if this is not done right !

In South Africa we have the WASPA (Wireless Application Service Provider’s Association) which provides a code of conduct and regulation. The reason for this is: “In order to uphold public perception of these services and to protect against bad practices, it was decided that a strong industry body was needed, with an appropriate Code of Conduct, representing the interests of its members and consumers, by enforcing the good practices established by this Code.”

The Tip – You need to consult an SMS specialist to guide you how to use SMS marketing effectively and correctly. Contact SwiftSMS for more information

Another usage for SMS is daily communication and notifications such as:

  • Appointment reminders (“Reminding you to attend the 10:00 am Marketing Presentation”)
  • Outstanding accounts (“Please note that you have R1560 owing on your account”)
  • Event notification (“Welcome to the ABC Launch – the bar is now open on the 2nd floor”)
  • Last-minute Urgent information (“Due to rain, we have changed the venue to the Indoor Arena”)
  • Customer Relation (“Happy Birthday Mr. Smith from all of us at ABC Corporation !”)

If you have to inform 100 of your customers of an event you are hosting. Each phone call lasts 3 minutes so someone has to spend 5 hours (3 minutes x 100 people = 300 minutes). At an average cost of R1 per minute your business has just spend R300 (not including the wasted time of the poor person who has to do the actual calling).

With an SMS system – you will simply load the 100 peoples cell numbers, type your message, press the button and instantly 100 phones will beep with your event information. What’s more the people receiving the information can also forward the info onto other people who they think will be interested too – i.e. the power of Viral Marketing (but that’s for another post).

SMS communication will save you both time and money !

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