The Office 2007 Tips Series:

I have received queries re: Office 2007 so I will dedicate a couple of articles to the new Office Application.

Those of you who has installed it, will notice that the menus that you were used to (File, Edit etc.) have been replaced by ribbons. Essentially, these group together various bits and pieces that relate to the same thing.

The ribbons are handy but did you know that you create your own Quick Access ribbon for those items that you use frequently ?

So, for example: if you are like me, you find that spelling is so overrated as you have Spell Checker – so I use that VERY often. I also Print a lot (sorry trees) and I love tables.
Now all these tools are available in Office 2007 but they are all over the place under different ribbons. So what I do it simply place them in my Quick Access ribbon for ease of access !

This is what you do:

Here is what the Quick Access ribbon looks like BEFORE you add anything to it (did you even noticed it was there ???)


To add any button to it – in this Example the Spell Checker – Right click on it and choose Add to Quick Access

Here is the result:

Now no matter where I am in my document, and no matter which ribbon is open, I can have quick access to my Spell Checker.

Here is another one for the Tables – right click and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar

Now you can repeat this process with any toolbar item that you frequently use !

More Tips to come…

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  1. With the new Office (the 2007) design, look & feel, Microsoft have made a giant leap. True that it takes time to get use to the new ribbon and to get around quickly.. But once you are familiar with it, you rock!

    We do a lot of researches on the web, and using Excel macros,
    we have improved our research speed in 30%. That huge!!

    Using OneNote have improved our research information control (nothing get lost now) and with the sharing files abilities, now everyone can contribute to the project.

    So to summary it all, we are more then happy with the tools that comes in the Office 2007.
    We looking forward to the new one… 😉

    With the SP2 support for open source files,
    our CRM improved since we don’t have to “fight”
    with our clients anymore 🙂

    The 2007 was a great investment with benefits to us.

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