The need for intenet speed !

There are lots of website and utilities that allow you to test your internet speed. Some do a better job than others.
The question is not about my general internet speed – but about my internet speed TO and FROM a specific country.
This is what I really want to know especially when I am about to download a large file and I have a choice of 5 mirror sites: USA/ London/ Belgium/ Pakistan/ China – which one do you choose ???

Well , I have been told about this great site called– you gotta check this out.
It identifies your location when you enter the site and then allows you to run a speed check to virtually most countries and even cities in the world.(I exaggerate a bit for effect).
The test then does a PING and then a download speed test and then an uploads speed test – all very funlkily displayed on the screen.

It also has stats about the general internet speed in your city so you can see which ISP has the best speeds for upload and download – too cool…

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