The Junk Email War…

Our lives revolved around email. Email for personal use and email for business. We constantly access our mail, ready to reply to customer queries or looking for that email confirming a new deal. However, along with those “legitimate emails” there are usually hundreds of emails trying to sell us anything from Viagra to the ability to enlarge body parts to getting fake university degrees to get rich schemes. We mumble a small curse as we instantly delete these junk or SPAM emails.

There is a war being waged between those companies who send these SPAM emails and the Anti-Spammers who design software programs to block them.

Most Anti-Spam software packages reside either on your computer or on the company’s network. However, this means that the SPAM messages are using up precious internet bandwidth connection, whilst the Anti-Spam software attempts to sift through the messages blocking those that are SPAM and allowing those that are not to download.

It is believed that one third of all email sent on any given day is SPAM. This translates into clogged mailboxes and clogged company internet connections which can grind workers productivity to a halt. Therefore, Swift Consulting has developed a solution that blocks SPAM message before they enter the client’s networks. In doing so, clients only receive ‘clean’ emails and also save financially on internet bandwidth charges.

The following tips on how to reduce the amount of SPAM you receive:

  1. On most SPAM messages there is an option to “unsubscribe”. This entices you to click on the link which promises to remove you from their mailing list.  Do not click on that link, as this will simply confirm that the Spammer have reached a valid email address and your email address will be sold to many other Spamming companies resulting in even more SPAM !
  2. Create a disposable Email address. This is a typically a free web-based email service that you can access with a web browser. Whenever you are required to register or enter an email address, simply enter this disposable address which saves your real email from being exposed.  There are many free web based services that offer this such as:,,
  3. Spammers use programs to retrieve email address from Websites, Newsgroups, Blogs and Online Forums. If you participate in online discussions or any website where your email is required to post a message, disguise your email address.For example if your email address is [email protected] you can disguise it by entering  bob[remove this part]  Should someone want to email Bob, they simply remove the [remove this part] section which reveals Bob’s real email address.

Happy SPAM free surfing !


  1. Spamming is very big problem & every internet user is suuferng from this problem. But the steps u have written in your post are very good & i think they cud do little bit help for people those are suffering lot by SPAM.

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