Tech Tips for those missing home moments

Tech Tips for those missing home moments

In order to keep my finger on the technology pulse of what is coming around the next corner, I am fortunate to be able to attend “launch event” outside of South Africa. Travelling is always fun but leaving the family is not. Whilst my girls are old enough to understand that its part of my job, it doesn’t make it easier. I recently saw Dove Men+Care #RealDadMoments video, where it hit home at just what being a dad is about and what I miss when I travel:

So here are 3 Tech-Tricks I use to help ease those missing home travel moments for those of us who travel:


Whenever I travel abroad, I make sure I know where to purchase a pre-paid SIM card and that’s the first priority after I land. I purchase the SIM card, top it up with Data and then I am instantly back to feeling connected. I send my kids a BBM saying I have arrived and send them some pics of the city I am travelling in. They love it and don’t feel so far apart knowing they can message me whenever they want.

Just Call:

In the olden-days, making international calls was ridiculously prohibitive. Now I just load Skype on the phone and use it to call home whenever I want. In a WiFi zone, I use the video too. I have even managed to test my kids on their spelling words from my hotel room while they had their tablet open. It was fun and we played hang-man games across the world.

Find it:

Google Maps is your best friend. Not only do you use it to navigate in the city and work out which train to catch to which station, but it has the “Explore Nearby” option which helps you find places to eat and things to do. This is how I managed to track down the perfect gift for my little ones.

My eldest is into her Harry Potter books which she ready numerous times and so Google Maps lead me to Hamleys and my youngest is into her music from the movie Frozen so Google lead my to the Disney store. I walked 16km that day as I used Google Maps to hit the London high street in search of their presents. But it was worth it.

clip_image002 clip_image004

After hearing “welcome to Hamleys ” and “Welcome to John Lewis” and “Welcome to Disney” having bought their presents, all I could think about was the time I would walk through the door and hear the kids scream “Welcome home Dad”

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