Tech Talk with TheTechieGuy on

Tech Talk with TheTechieGuy on

Tech Talk with TheTechieGuy on

There is so much cool technology happening all around us which keeps us entertained, excited but at times confused. Whats with all the jargon ? Do we care about a Nano this and Mega that ? No. We care about real stuff – does it work ? is it far ? does the battery last ? Can I play Candy Crush ?

Thats the message of the show –  we are here to unscramble this tech egg and make it simple for all of us to get our head around it from a real-person’s point of view.


Thank you for tuning in today to the Talking Tech with TheTechieGuy on Cliffcentral today ! I know its hard to remember all the apps and all the great links we rattled off during the show so as they say in the movies “and this is what you missed on Glee Tech Talk today”:

Tech Talk with TheTechieGuy on


Tech Talk with TheTechieGuy on

Thank you Tanya Kovarsky for being my co-host on the Cliffcentral Tech show today and for the insights you shared. Good luck for that “little” race known as Comrades on Sunday – we look forward to following your Tweets.

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This is Geoffrey – producer to the stars who made us sound like legends !

Tech Talk with TheTechieGuy on Cliffcentral.comTech Talk with TheTechieGuy on

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