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Take a look: what is in the Playbook update

update: Read the review for the Playbook 2.0 – what a great tablet

I was waiting for this. I knew it would come – just a matter of time… After my last test with the Playbook (when I first got it and when I took it out)

UPDATE: new software version for the Playbook is availble here is whats inside the ver 1.0.7

I was listening to a Podcast on the Playbook when all of a sudden, as if by magic, a message popped up: “Software Update downloading Version 1.05.2304”

Software upload

This was too exciting and judging by the file size of 307MB it means this is a big update and not some minor fixes. I then got another message that there is yet another software update from 1.05.2304 to 1.05.2342 – another 272mb of updates. Yay !

The download finished happily and the Playbook prompted my to restart it so it could install the new version…


So what has changed ?

At first I didn’t notice much but then little things started popping up that just enhanced the usability of the Playbook.

The Power

You click on the battery icon, you now get added buttons that allow you to Turn Off, Stand By and Restart the Playbook. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen – neat !

With this update, it is suppose to alert you if you charge the Blackberry Smartphone charger in by mistake instead of the Playbook charger. When I tried it, I didn’t get that message though so maybe in SA the chargers are the same ?

you can also now charge your Playbook even when it is fully powered down.

Before the Update
Before the 1.05 update
After the update
After the 1.05 update

Audio Boost:

There is now a “Headphone AUDIOBOOST” under the sound options so you can now actually hear the sound out of the Playbook when you put the headphones on when you are in a crowded place like a restaurant or an aeroplane.

audio boost

another facility I found was the Application Behaviour option.  When it is set to DEFAULT, “An application stays active in the background until another application goes full screen”. However, if you change that to  SHOWCASE, then “All open applications are active and never pause in the background” – this is great. As this is Multi tasking at its best. I can now watch a Video and if I want to, I can minimise it whilst working on a word document and the sound is still on !

You can also down download the Podcasts in one window and play Need for Speed at the the same time connect the Playbook to HDMI TV. Sweet !

App options

Host Spot Connectivity:

This update has also made logging into a Hotspot easier and messages pop up to assist you in the log in process.


Parlez-vous français ou espagnol ? (translate: Do you speak French or Spanish ?)

The have also added more languages such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and UK English

Language support


The Facebook app that comes preinstalled with the Playbook has been enhanced to allow many features. You can now upload media direct from the Playbook including capturing images from the Camera, Video or something out of the Medial Library.

There are other enhancement to the chat facility and the overall usability of Facebook – nothing is compromised just because you are on a tablet (unlike another iTablet which is a stripped down version…)

Facebook enhanced

Money Money Money:

The Apps World now has the ability to accept Payments. this makes the purchasing of apps simple and from one location. You can get more levels in a game or unlock an app features when you purchase the enhances version or renew your subscription to that magazine.


The update also fixes a major FLASH vulnerability (if you want more info on that its here). Brea in minds its not a Playbook vulnerability but a FLASH one so if you are running Flash on your website, suggest you check that out…

Finally, on a slightly related topic, there is also an update for the Blackberry Bridge software that you need to connect your Playbook to your phone. Get the version from the Apps World for a much more stable experience when you use the Bridged application and especially the Bridged Browser.


There seems to be other bug fixes that have sneaked in. Web browsing is a lot better and more stable. WiFi is more stable too. I also noticed that little things like automatically putting in a Capital Letter after a full stop is now happening (not just on the bridged apps).  I am looking forward to discovering more as I continue to…eh…play…

We all agree that the hardware of the Playbook is superb and now that software is coming out to fix those “irritations” this device is starting to take its rightful place amongst the Tablet Elite !

To the Blackberry Team – Keep ‘em coming !

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev is an award-winning tech blogger, YouTube strategist, and Podcaster. He helps brands tell their stories in an engaging way that non-techies can relate to. He also drinks way too much coffee! @Liron_Segev on Twitter

11 thoughts on “Take a look: what is in the Playbook update

  1. I was considering the BBPB, but wanted to make sure it will run Excel. I have an invoicing program that is powered by Excel and am not sure it will work. I understand you cannot connect to a printer, but wondered if it would print if in a wi-fi/bluetooth network.

    Will Java be offered in the future? When will G4 be available?

    I tried the Ipad and found it to be more of a toy and not really useful for my purposes. I will not be downloading music or movies and not storing pictures.

    I am looking for something small to carry with me in place of a computer, mostly for data info, not for actually invoicing. I already have a blackberry phone, so can tether when wifi is not available. The netbooks are too slow.

    Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

  2. I love my PB … But, the CBC app has disappeared w the latest update … What happened?

  3. Hard to tell as I don’t know that specific App. What could have happened is that the App was a Web App and not a native app and it lost its icon (just a guess…)

  4. One step at a time:
    The Excel2Go is pretty decent. I run mancomplexespreadsheetet and they seem to work fine. Very cool to look up figures/ invoice amounts/ orders etc. when on the gwithoutut booting up a laptop.

    At the moment, I am not aware of the ability to pdirectlyeclty from the Playbook even using WiFi. WThe common way around this is to use Google Cloud Print –

    Re: Portability/ usability:
    If you are doing lots of real work on the road, nothing beats a decent Netbook. Same price, you get more features, keyboard, usb, wifi, 3G/4G etc. If you just need to reference work, do odd email etc. then the Playbook is awesome.
    I personally not a big iPad fan as I find it horribly restrictive. The Playbook has issues but with more software updates these will be fixed.

  5. Hi Thetechie guy,

    When do we get the review of the PB OS 2.0?

    Also, should I buy a PB or an android tablet since the ipad is not that interesting to some of us.

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