how to get faster Internet wifi

How to get faster WiFi with these 5 changes the pros use

Don’t accept slow and sluggish WiFi. If you are sitting in front of your Windows 10 computer and you can just feel that something isn’t right with your WiFi and […]

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speed up wifi and internet downloads

How to DOUBLE your internet speed by changing just two settings

The days of being tied down to a computer workstation are long behind us. Even if we use the exact same desk and have the same laptop, we still like […]

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How a pepper grinder can block tech at the dinning room table

What happens when you give kids tech such as WiFi, Tablets and phones and its time to eat dinner ? The same fight breaks out as parents get frustrated whilst […]

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For free Wi-Fi there is MasterCard

There is great news for all MasterCard customers that are heading over to the UK – free WiFi ! MasterCard has partnered with The Cloud, a British Wi-Fi Hotspot provider, […]

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The world biggest Wi-Fi network at Mobile World Congress

One of the biggest complaints at conferences is the availability of a reliable and functional Wi-Fi network. 75 000 techies from around the world are expecting to converge on Mobile […]

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Sea Point Pavilion gets free WiFi in Cape Town

When you head down to Cape Town and hit the Sea Point Pavilion, you will now see signs saying “free WiFi access”. The Sea Point Pavilion free wifi project has […]

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Just like pillows, free WiFi at hotels are now non-negotiable

The Ruckus Network challenge has made me somewhat of an expert when it comes to hunting down WiFi Hotspots. When I look back over the past two weeks of this […]

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Just how secure is a wireless Hot Spot ? I was hacked within minutes !

This is going to be a problem. We have always been told that anyone can steal our information when we hook up to a WiFi Hotspot and since the Ruckus […]

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