how to read DELETED WhatsApp messages

How to read DELETED WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages

So you sent a WhatsApp or a Facebook Message, instantly regretted it and you quickly delete it before the person could see it – it’s gone, right? Well…not exactly. There […]

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WhatsApp Business vs Personal WhatsApp

Whats the difference between regular personal WhatsApp and the new WhatsApp Business?

When was the last time you left a voicemail? In fact, how often do you call compared to how often you prefer to send a text message? In today’s world […]

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How to opt out and not share your WhatsApp account information with Facebook

WhatsApp has just updated its privacy policy and people are losing their minds! It appears that the advertising-free WhatsApp is looking at ways to link users to businesses. WhatsApp company […]

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Do not open WhatsApp Voice Notes on your computer–latest WhatsApp hack

The latest attempt by malware writers to take over our computers involves WhatsApp and Voice Notes. If you use WhatsApp, please beware. In January 2015, WhatsApp updated its system to […]

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10 tricks you did not know that Facebook Messenger could do

Newsflash for all of those who have been preaching that Facebook is dead – it is not. Facebook has just released their Q1 earning which out preformed analyst expectation. Facebook […]

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WhatsApp secures messages for its 1 billion users

WhatsApp has just flicked on a switch and all the messages, photos, videos and voice notes are now instantly secure. According to the latest security announcement just made by WhatsApp, […]

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Voice Recording and sharing PDF are part of the latest WhatsApp update

WhatsApp is once again expanding its offering beyond simple text messages between friends with its latest software update version 2.12.150.  In the latest update, beyond sharing of photos, WhatsApp has […]

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How to hide our dirty WhatsApp pics and other WhatsApp tricks

  WhatsApp is just one of those must-have apps that keeps people connected around the world. While most people use it for simply sending messages back and forth, here are […]

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