android wifi Mobile hotspot double speed

How to DOUBLE your Android Mobile Hotspot Speed with one setting

One of the most underrated features on the cell phone is the Hotspot feature. This is especially useful if the local ISP is so slow or if it’s your only […]

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google password security-protection-anti-virus-software-60504

Google launches a new password feature

Not a week goes by when there isn’t yet another story about passwords being hacked. It seems like no one is safe. If companies such as Facebook can get hacked, […]

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recover deleted files

How to recover deleted files, music, video, documents from your Windows, Mac, or camera memory card

Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own from my own experience: It was 100% my fault. Here’s what happened: I had gone to a conference […]

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terrible networking mistakes

Stop making these terrible networking mistakes – tips from Collision 2018

There has never been more oppurtunity to network than we  have today. From our phones, we have a plethora of tools that allow us to make a connection with virtually […]

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Snapchat makes it easier to add friends with a personalised link

I have been using Snapchat to understand its usage and place in the world. Therefore over the last week at SXSW conference in Austin Texas, I used Snapchat every day […]

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Gareth Pon tells Epson to Get Lost

Gareth Pon tells Epson to Get Lost Seriously – he did ! He also shared other tips on how to get the most out of your phone’s camera at the […]

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10 Twitter abbreviations and acronyms you should know

Twitter has a limitation of 140 characters which means you have to get creative when tweeting your incredibly insightful message that simply doesn’t fit into the limited space. The Tweet […]

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Blackberry App World tip: How to reset a Blackberry ID & password

If you are desperately trying to log into App World to download your apps or update your currently installed apps, you will need to log in with your Blackberry ID […]

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