Christmas Tech Gift Ideas

Your Last-Minute Christmas Tech Gift Guide Ideas – Amazon to the rescue!

It happened again but I wasn’t surprised. Every year around this time I get this question: “What tech gift would you recommend for Christmas for a tech guy/ girl?”. There […]

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Bitdefender keeping you safe

Give the gift of constant online protection

Note: This is a sponsored post but always all opinions are 100% my own: Barely recovering from Cyber Monday, the credit cards are out again It’s December and the panic […]

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Why is Visa Checkout the answer to all last-minute shopping woes

NOTE: I am told that absolutely no husbands, kids or cats were hurt during these events. Tiana Cline reports: When you’re a working mom, you try – and try hard – […]

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Amazon sells enough “Star Trek Into Darkness” Blu-ray combo packs to span the distance of 25 Star Trek Enterprise space ships and other cool Amazon stats

There are very few organisation which are as established to handle online e-commerce as Amazon is. So when Amazon releases their “Christmas Shopping” stats it s a good indicator at […]

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How to set up a kick-ass online store in 3 phases

I have had over R5000 stolen from my credit card. This really irritates me. Why cant real-world merchants be like online merchants which are safe ? In all my time […]

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There is hope for the Male species

“Lets go Shopping” – never in the entire history of the world, has a three word sentence managed to cause such dread and fear in a  man. When a man […]

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