uber lyft new years safety 2020

10 Uber and Lyft safety tips everyone should know

After the big “Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Happy New Years!” and badly mouthed “Auld Lang Syne“, it will be time to head home. You will be doing the right […]

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car safety tech features

Does your car have these safety tech features yet?

Long time followers of the Blog and my YouTube channel know that I am no “car guru”. I appreciate great cars, I am just not one of those people who […]

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Alcatel Move Time is tracking your child – GOOD!

“Has anyone seen my child?!?!” This has to be a parent’s worst nightmare. Thinking your child is safely playing on one of the swing sets with the other kids, and […]

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1 million Dollar guarantees your documents are safe

Its a long trip with many miles to cover. After several gas stops refilling the vehicle it was getting getting late and a check into a hotel was urgently required […]

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What every parent should know about kids and the danger of gaming consoles

On Friday, the world was shocked to witness massive terror attack in Paris, France where terrorists massacred innocent civilians in what some are calling serious intelligence failure and the question […]

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Never look at your phone while driving again

We all know that using our phones whilst driving is a no-no.It is distracting and potentially lethal. The use of mobile phone whilst driving has been linked directly to car […]

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Why is shopping online with PayPal is like shopping with a friend who protects you

“I got scammed” is how the conversation started. A friend, who did not want to be identified for obvious reasons,  left his holiday shopping to the very last minute. When […]

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Why Snapchat letting its users send money to each other is a bad idea

This news just in: Snapchat, the app that  allows you to send pictures and videos that are automatically deleted after a few seconds once the recipient views the pic, has […]

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