tips to be a better networker

4 quick power tips to be a better networker

Love them or hate them, business conferences are just part of the business journey. I just returned from the Vegas from the Grow With Video conference event which quickly followed the Dallas […]

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terrible networking mistakes

Stop making these terrible networking mistakes – tips from Collision 2018

There has never been more oppurtunity to network than we  have today. From our phones, we have a plethora of tools that allow us to make a connection with virtually […]

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What do you get when you mix Apple ,Techies & drinks on a Monday ? Mobile Monday evening that rocks…

Its Monday and already the Tweets are flying out: Its not a regular Monday but a Mobile Monday (or MoMo as its known) where Techies, Business People, Venture Capitalist, Directors, […]

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Blackberry Playbook Review – what a let down…

update : See the review for the Playbook 2.0 – WARNING: this is not for the faint-hearted Blackberry fans. This is not pretty. It is with deep sadness and pain […]

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