eco mode in car

Your car’s engine is NOT your grandparent’s car engine – here is why:

At CES there is a big focus on future tech and of course, electric vehicles are part of that. This is great and necessary for our planet’s future.However….and yes there […]

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car safety tech features

Does your car have these safety tech features yet?

Long time followers of the Blog and my YouTube channel know that I am no “car guru”. I appreciate great cars, I am just not one of those people who […]

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self driving car

The driver-less future has already begun

If I told you a couple of years ago that you will be able to get into your car, punch in a destination, and the car will drive itself with […]

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Three buttons unleash the true power of the Ford Focus RS

The world is divided into two type of people: those who LOVE cars and those who just drive cars. The former group of people understands things like Kilowatts, torque, engine […]

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Did you know that sad music can enhance your driving mood?

No one loves their commute to and from work. Traffic buildups, accidents, bad and rude drivers, rain, faulty traffic lights, potholes all stress us out and by the time we […]

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FNB app is packed with nav» motoring goodness

Recently FNB introduced its latest collaboration with Wesbank, nav» Car, on the FNB app which we had to take out for test drive! The nav» Home option on the FNB which was released […]

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How to market a car dealership with Facebook ads to sell more cars

For those who don’t know, when I am not blogging, I help companies generate leads and build sales funnels on social media with my company I deal with all […]

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What are the 7 trends from CES 2017 that will affect you

Every year, Tech Geeks from around the world start their year in Las Vegas in January at CES which is the largest tech trade show. At CES thousands of companies […]

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