Bitcoin Scam – what you need to know not to get caught

“I can’t believe I fell for this. I feel so stupid. Any way to get my money back?” That’s how the email starts. Some poor guy has fallen for the “caught […]

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Scams business owners should be aware of

“I think I just got scammed!” That is how the conversation started. I was working with a person who runs a fairly large online business. He started to notice that […]

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GDPR Data Business

What your business should know about managing data post GDPR

“We have updated our privacy policy” said basically EVERYONE. While this seemingly came out of the blue, business owners had two years to prepare for this change. General Data Protection […]

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Christmas Tech Gift Ideas

Your Last-Minute Christmas Tech Gift Guide Ideas – Amazon to the rescue!

It happened again but I wasn’t surprised. Every year around this time I get this question: “What tech gift would you recommend for Christmas for a tech guy/ girl?”. There […]

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How to upload images to Instagram from desktop

We love Instagram. You snap some a cool photo with your phone, upload the image into the Instagram app, play with some filters, add a caption and watch those hearts […]

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How to check if your info is among the 560 million passwords that has been leaked

Never a dull moment and now something else to worry about. While the WannaCry worm is continuing to hit systems around the world, another database has appeared which contains 560 […]

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Where is the WannaCry ransomware worm right now? Scary stuff

For the handful of people who haven’t heard: there has been a worldwide massive ransomware attack which is holding computer’s data hostage across the world. No this is not a […]

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Dallas warning system was hacked!

The sirens went off at around 11:45pm on Friday evening. Then again and again and again. Around the Dallas area, there is a network of severe weather warning sirens which […]

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