how to read DELETED WhatsApp messages

How to read DELETED WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages

So you sent a WhatsApp or a Facebook Message, instantly regretted it and you quickly delete it before the person could see it – it’s gone, right? Well…not exactly. There […]

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Facebook F8 announcements

What did Facebook announce at F8? Here is what you should know

After suffering from just a tiny little bit of controversy for almost all of 2018, Facebook is ready to bounce back with some changes. During its F8 developer conference, Facebook […]

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How to secure my Facebook account

How to change your Facebook password and secure your account

Is your Facebook profile secure? Let me ask you this: Would you be comfortable snapping pictures of your kids in the pool or your portable hot tub and sharing them with […]

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App Reinstalls

What Are App Reinstalls? Why It Matters? For Marketers

Let’s face it – without apps, our phones and tablet would be pretty boring. Gaming, productivity tools, meditation, health, and every other category are stuffed full of apps of varying […]

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Delete Facebook app is not going to help

Stop picking on Facebook everyone sells your data

Our Facebook data is being sold? No? Say it ain’t so… Congratulations – it took a while but it seems like people have finally woken up to the fact that […]

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Facebook unveils a new feature: The Mute

We all have them: the outspoken friends who we love dearly but boy when they latch onto a topic….they keep going on and on and on and on… A constant […]

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How to stop Facebook video sound from automatically playing

Facebook is constantly evolving. Facebook Video is a major part of this evolution as Facebook continues to make a much more aggressive play to capture and keep your attention for […]

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Why your Facebook Marketing did not work and what to do about it – A Social Media Guide

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  This saying was famously uttered by John Wanamaker (1838-1922) who was considered be […]

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