PowerEgg X Drone waterproof

PowerEgg X Drone is waterproof! Can your drone do that? CES 2020

Drone owners love their flying cameras. However ask a drone-owner if they recommend buying a drone, they usually say the same thing: make sure you have a reason to buy […]

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ces 2019 - day 3 tech news

Cool CES 2019 tech on Day 3 in Snack-Size Tidbits

CES is MASSIVE. So big that is divided between two main venues in Las Vegas. The “Main CES” event is housed at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the rest is […]

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parrot anafi drone

The Parrot Anafi Drone is looking up!

The mosquito-like buzzing of drones overhead is no longer new. Just flip open Facebook or YouTube and you are bound to encounter some aerial drone footage integrated into the video. […]

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AT&T launches a Flying COW to assist during disasters

We have all heard the figure of speech “when pigs fly” which means something is impossible, but for AT&T where nothing is impossible there is a flying COW! The Flying […]

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DJI Spark is the selfie drone anyone can wave to and control

Drones are all the rage and are the cool toys that allow virtually anyone to become an aerial videographer. And we love them! No one wants to watch the family-reunion […]

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Review: Dobby is the little pocket drone that could almost do it all and we love it

Drones are everywhere. It seems like every time you view a YouTube clip, there is some drone footage in there creating a special aerial cinematic effect. In the past, these types […]

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Game of Drones–everything comes from military or porn

You know the scene where drones are zooming around high-rise buildings of our future cities? Amazon has decided to fast-track this and is experiment with Amazon Prime Air where your […]

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