rainbow vomit Dallas

Why is everyone flocking to Rainbow Vomit and so should you!

Its all about that perfect Instagram pic. The superb shot that sets you apart and for that to happen you need to have an awesome location to snap your masterpiece. […]

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Dave Pollot Mario Art

This art is where thrift store and pop culture combine

“Morning Break” was the title. I was staring at a splash of blue paint on a white canvas in an art museum. I don’t get “art.” To me, this “piece” […]

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You break it you print it is what 3D printing is all about

We all have those items where a piece has broken off, or a remote control where the battery cover is broken or lost, a kids toy which has a broken […]

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Chocnology–3D printed KitKat chocolate sculptures

Sometimes you get a phone call that begins as an Unknown Number and ends up taking you on a strangely exciting journey. This is what happened when I received a […]

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The Sandton Samsung Studio– Galaxy Note is the only canvas Doodling for Mandela

What happens when you get funky cool artists mixed together with funky cool technology ? You get the Samsung Galaxy Note expo mixed with various artists who use the Note […]

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