Turo App - TheTechieGuy - Los Angeles (2)

Turo is a car sharing app you should absolutely know about!

Note: this is NOT a sponsored post by Turo, but does have a signup referral code that if you try this service you get $25 off your first ride and […]

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hidden airbnb camera watching through hole

How to check if your Airbnb has hidden cameras

It’s creepy to think that your Airbnb host or hotel owner has installed a hidden camera and could be watching you the entire time. When your privacy is invaded and […]

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What you need to know before booking your first Airbnb accommodation

I finally did it. I found a reason to stay at an Airbnb. When I travel for this blog or for my consulting business I tend to stay at hotels. […]

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What to do if Airbnb cancels your accommodation at the last minute ?

You are a planner. You don’t wait until the last minute. It’s been a long year and you are really looking forward to that holiday. In March you booked and […]

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Airbnb doubles in Africa where South Africa is its largest base with rapid growth

Who doesn’t love to travel ? Exotic destinations, new cities and meeting new people are all part of life’s experiences. Obviously costs is a key factor which prevents us from […]

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