Casey Neistat burger king issue

How Burger King manipulated Casey Neistsat and others with a Tweet

Burger Kings takes advantage of YouTubers and Social Media Influencers! or How Burger King [email protected]# over influencers! OK maybe that’s too harsh, but I am sure these were some idea that […]

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super bowl ads 2018 superbowlLii

The Best 2018 Super Bowl LII Ads roundup

Even if you know nothing about the Super Bowl, you know about the Super Bowl ads and in 2018, the ads did not disappoint. These commercials are said to be […]

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What teens traded for a holiday from Samsung

I love this ad. Yes an advert.. Its an advert for Samsung Galaxy A smartphone which is so simple but so powerful. The ad doesn’t talk about specs of the […]

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Why brands need to stop measuring Pageviews

I love blogging. I love being at the cutting edge of technology and love telling stories of amazing companies, products and people and how the world is changing. As the […]

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Google makes Cookie Choices

Ever noticed that when you browse through the millions of websites,  that the same ads seam to appear everywhere? If you do a strange search for “Apartments in Paris” amazingly […]

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Pepsi Max uses augmented reality to create the Unbelievable Bus Shelter

When we see an advert, we just switch off. Our brains are bombarded with so much information so when we see something that is not relevant, we block it. Advertising […]

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BlackBerry launches BBM Channels–iOS and Android coming soon

When it comes to being social, we instantly turn to our mobile phones and launch some Social Networking application. Now BlackBerry has taken their ability to connect people via BBM […]

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How to get rid of ads invading your Android Notification screen

I get really irritated when I install an application from the Google Play Store and then days later I start seeing notifications popping up asking me to download other applications […]

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