Superb Sound from Samsung Level On Headphone

Superb Sound from Samsung Level On Headphone

When it comes music we all have different tastes. Some like RAP whilst other like COUNTRY. Trying to convince someone why they should listen to your genre of music is like trying to convince someone that they should use a MAC over Windows – not going to happen. But one thing we all agree on when it comes to music is that we all want the best audio experience.

When we purchase our mobile phones, regardless of brand, they come with the in-ear headphones. Some are better then other but if you really want a good experience you have to invest in a good set of headphones. I recently discovered on a long-haul flight just how important it is to be able to block out the world whilst trying to make time go by faster and a good pair of headphones was my saviour.

I recently had the chance to check out Samsung’s new range of LEVEL headphones which span across the various type of headphones. There is the Over Ear Headphones which is known as Level Over, the On Ear headphones known as Level On and the In Ear headphones known as Level In.

Superb Sound from Samsung Level On Headphone

The Level OVER set of headphones are the premium ones which have all the hallmarks of a good headphone including Bluetooth pairing, touch controls for volume & track changes and noise cancellation technology that uses a microphone to shut out the humming of planes or trains. It also has a companion app that can be installed on the phone for even more settings and audio enhancements.  As Samsung puts it “HD organic sound, a comfortable ergonomic design, touch controls and wireless Bluetooth pairing. A 50mm Dynamic Driver made with high performance Neodymium lets users get deeper, more natural sound.”

Price: R 3299.95

The Level IN set of headphones has a three-way speaker system so that the music/ tones/ bass feel rich “letting users enjoy rich sounds that cover all the low, mid, and high sound naturally and with clear sound separation.”

Price: R 1399.95

The Level ON are the set of headphones I spent time with.  The headphones also look classy so you can wear them whilst wearing your work outfit/ suit without looking out of place like a hip-hop rapper going for a job interview without his backwards caps. When not in use, they fold up into a hardened travel carrying case although this is slightly on the large size. I found these to be comfortable even when wearing them for long period of time and my head didn’t feel like it was caught in a vice grip.

There is no noise cancellation feature on this set, but they still managed to block out the surrounding nagging sound allowing me to enjoy my music whilst sitting outdoors at Melrose Arch having the cars and people zoom by. The headphone has a 3.5mm jack and comes with a audio cord that has the volume buttons and a built in microphone that allows you to control the phone with Samsung’s S-Voice.  The 3.5mm cable allows you to plug the headphone into any device that has the headphone jack and since it is not using Bluetooth you don’t have to worry about batteries or charging the unit.

Sound quality is great. Samsung Level On manages to balance the high, medium, low sounds well without any distortions event at high volumes. The bass sounds nice and deep but not overbearing and the notes are clear. Even when hooking it up to my laptop to play some games, the surround audio was impressive as the sounds immersed you into the game.

Price: R 1999.95

Superb Sound from Samsung Level On HeadphoneSuperb Sound from Samsung Level On HeadphoneSuperb Sound from Samsung Level On HeadphoneSuperb Sound from Samsung Level On Headphone

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