Superb – Can’t Steal what you can’t see !

Now this is the level that we as South African have had to come down to in order to protect ourselves.

The device is a Fog Generator. WHEN someone breaks into your house/ office it takes too long for the Security companies to respond (not to mention the police). What this device does, is that is instantly generates a thick FOG that instantly covers the entire room so that the would-be-attacker/robber/housejacker can not see a thing and this will hopefully persuade them to get out fast.

This device is superb ! It doesn’t leave any residue or powder, it works instantly, can be hooked up to the alarm system and can be activated via remote control !


On activation, the Bandit fog generator from Biomotic ejects a lasting, harmless, dry, dense fog at a rate of 28 cubic metres per second. Any indoor space is totally saturated in a few seconds. The fog prevents potential thieves from seeing anything in the fog-filled space for at least 10 minutes after the alarm goes off. Though the fog cover can be maintained for hours by programming multiple ejections from the fog generator, the fog itself can be cleared from a room in about 15 minutes, leaving no wet or dry residue.

The fog can be combined with irritating substances such as capsaicin and/or tear gas, again with no wet or dry residue.

The Bandit Fog Generator easily integrates with existing security systems such as alarm, intrusion, access control and video systems and is guaranteed for three years.

For more information contact Biomotic South Africa, +27 (0)82 904 3530, [email protected]

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