Solar Freakin Roadways !

Solar Freakin Roadways !

Its not what you say – its how you say it. This is the message that was learnt and allowed this engineering couple to raise nearly $1 million for their Solar Freakin Roadways

There are many ways to get your message out to the world. You can create a Facebook campaign, send Tweets, post on your Blog or create a YouTube video clip. All of these methods allow the message to be  shared with friends with the hope that they like it enough to share it with their friends who in turn share it with theirs.  But having a good idea or a good message is not enough. In order to get this “viral” effect and have it shared around the world, the WAY you present your message can be more important than the message itself. It has to cut through the clutter of the millions of other people sharing their messages.

Julie and Scott Bursaw understood very quickly when trying to raise finances to fund their Indiegogo project called Solar Roadways.

Solar Roadways are smart micro-processor-embedded-hexagon-shaped-solar panels to fit together like puzzle pieces to form roads, parking lots, recreational parks and any other surface. These panels are not only strong enough for heavy duty trucks to drive over, but can be programmed to display any road markings or signs such as pedestrian crossing or disabled parking bays or even highlight obstacles in the road. These solar roadway can also charge electric vehicles and carry electricity, fibre optic cables and telephones lines all underground so we can do away with the traditional telephone poles. The panels other advantage is that they can be programmed with remain a couple degrees above freezing temperature so that snow can not shut down roads making it safer for cars to drive all year round.

Solar Freakin Roadways !Solar Freakin Roadways !Solar Freakin Roadways !

Solar Roadways – Before and After


 This is the original Indiegogo video that was made to try raise the $1 million they require. As of the 14th May $143,497 has been donated which is a far cry from the required $1 million target:


However, on the 18th of May, this video was uploaded and as of the 25th May, the project is at $ 941,737 !

UPDATE: as of the 26th May (one day after the original post of this story), the project reached its goal ! It currently has $1,152,386 and has 6 days to go…

The new video clearly did its intended job – it captured the excitement of the project and its potential gaining 2.9 million views.

Whether or not this project will reach its goals remains to be seen, but the dramatic turn around from $140 000 to $940 000 because of a new video can not be denied.

The project is located here:

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