Sell your unused 4G data to other 4G users

Sell your unused 4G data to other users

When it comes to data we have a strict “Use it or lose it” policy in South Africa.

You buy 3 gigabyte ADSL package and if you happen to use 2 GB that month – tough. 1Gb disappears into the profits of the provider.

You buy a Mobile Data Bundle and when you reach the end of the month you either go over your bundle and pay a premium for additional data or you use less than your bundle and are allowed to carry it over to the next month. However, there is a limit on how much you can accumulate and at a point the data disappears and becomes profit for the service provider. You lose it.

Imagine if on the 31st of the month, all over South Africa, petrol attendants come to your home to see how much petrol you have used and any additional petrol still left in the tank is then siphoned away. Outrageous ! we would not accept that.

So how come we accept that the networks  are able to take away our data that we have already paid for in advance when we don’t use it ?

This model is what we have come to accept.

Sell your unused 4G data to other users

However in Hong Kong there is a new way to do things. China Mobile Hong Kong has just announced a data exchange platform for its 4G customers. The platform, dubbed 2cm, allows its 4G Pro Service Plan customers to sell their unused capacity to other 4G Pro Service Plan customers. Those with excess bandwidth can sell in 1GB increments their data and can set a free within a set range of HK$15 (around R12) and HK$60 (around R77).  China Mobile Hong Kong will also take a fee of of HK$15 for each gigabyte of data sold

The platform also looks for the best deals for customers who are looking to purchase data.



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  1. Have a thought. Start a data bank where clients deposit data each month and create a bank/ borrow scenario. The bank controls excess and uses all data up in the time allotted. After all, data belongs to you and you ought to be able to do as you please for the time you have it.

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