Video scenes from the Money for Jam official launch party – M4JAM

Scenes from the Money for Jam M4JAM official launch party

On the 11th August the South African landscape changed. No it wasn’t the earthquake –  although there was a shakeup. On the 11th of August, Money 4 Jam , the new employment platform was launched whereby, as the name implies, anyone with a cell phone is able to get paid for completing simple mini-jobs.

Having tried that system, I proved that anyone can make money by simply using WeChat and signing up with the M4JAM application. There are no costs involved, no subscription fees to be paid and the only reason that your ID is needed is to open a MTN Mobile Money account so you can be paid.

I am a self confessed fan


I spoke to Andre Hugo, Chief Jammer, who confirms that the uptake has been so successful that by the end of Day 1 over R100 000 worth of jobs were paid out which makes a lot of jobbers very satisfied. Equally satisfied are the brands who have joined M4JAM to place those jobs on the system where they are seeing a 98% approval rate by the brands showing that the information they are receiving is credible. So in other words the system works.

In fact it worked too well that people were complaining that they were not able to cash-out their money as the tellers at Pick n Pay did not know how to handle the request. M4JAM stepped in quickly to solve the problem by offering an education survey on the platform which, yes, people got paid to answer ! The survey instructed the user what to do when the Pick ‘n Pay staff did not know how to pay them out. This was a smart way to not only educate thousands of people but also reduce the burden on their call centre. Prior to the “how to get paid out survey” the M4JAM call centre received 200 calls a day. After the survey, this dropped to 2. Once again proving that any brand who wants to quickly educate their customers about their product can use this system to very effectively do so.

Andre also shared that they have been told of a woman who is struggling to find permanent employment is using the system to supplement her income to help pay for some of her medication.

There is also the story of model who has an opportunity to be interviews by a top international modelling agency but the interview is held overseas. She can not afford the plane ticket so her family and friends are doing M4JAM jobs to help raise money to send her.

If you haven’t tried out the system, give it a bash:


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