How to tell if an Email is Legit or Fake ?

“You have won the lottery !”
“Click this link to confirm you bank PIN”
“Insider tip – buy these shares before the company merges”
“Your email address has been randomly selected to win”
“Give money to help this poor little girl get a new kidney”

We have all had these emails. Some are blatant BULL and you can tell right away that the only thing you need to do is DELETE them.

However, some could potentially be real – I mean, how could you possible ignore the attached picture of the little boy who desperately needs a heart transplant and all you need to do is forward this onto 10 people ?
What about the email that warns you of a gang who initiates their gang memeber by having them shoot the first person they see wearing blue in Rivonia Road – pass this email to warn your friends ! – Is this legit or fake ?

Well, here are a couple of TIPS on how to see if an email is real or not:
The first step in checking if an email is legit or not is to simply COPY a couple of lines of the email. Open up the web browser and go to your favourite search engine like – In Google, PASTE these lines into the SEARCH box and click on search.
IF this email is NOT legit, there will be thousands of hits and lots of sites warning about this email.

A Case Example: I received an with these lines in it –

“I wish to request for your assistance in a financial transaction, dear i got your contact in a cause of serious search in internet for a transaction partner”

I copied and pasted those into Google and it came up with 129 000 hits ! all screaming FRAUD, SCAM, 419 SCAM !!!

There are also website that specialise in working out if an email doing its round is real or not real.

An example is – simply enter a couple of lines for that email in their search and it will tell you the origin of this hoax etc.

Just some little tips on how to make sure you don’t get conned, to help cut down on the massive amount of rubbish being forwarded out there that make you look ehhhh….not so clever…!

p.s – As I am writing I have received a couple of emails that promise me “To loose weight without excersing, enlarge and reduce certain body parts, buy little blue pills, buy shares in a secret company and help someone from Iraq get his millions out of the country for which I would get a hug percentage just for giving them my banking details, name, address, copy of my passport” – WHAT A LOAD OF BULL !!!!


  1. Hi Techie Guy

    If you’re interested in what is being done to get scammers back for their criminal activities, you might like to take a look at – it’s the best and biggest scambaiting site, or so we like to think. 🙂 Our forum is very active and you’re welcome to stop by.

    Thanks for raising awareness of scams – every bit helps to prevent some unwary victim getting sucked in. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for your advice! You just saved me being scammed by a man wanting to rehome a siberian huskie. You have saved us so much upset and money. My 13yr old is upset now but thank god i read your advice!

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