Unveiled: Samsung’s world first 105 inch Curved UHD TV, Smart Washing Machine and a R3 million TV

Samsung’s world first 105 inch Curved UHD TV, Smart Washing Machine and a R3 million TVSamsung’s world first 105 inch Curved UHD TV, Smart Washing Machine and a R3 million TV

The television is one device in the house that embodies progress in technology and has come a long way since its black-and-white-evening-news origins back in the 1920s. The TV has evolved to become a highly interactive entertainment hub that is the entertainment centre for the home. In this highly competitive market, companies understand that consumer purchase a television every couple of years (at best) and so they need to constantly produce a quality function rich TV at an affordable price.

As a guest of Samsung at the Samsung Forum in Malaga Spain, I had the opportunity to view their new range of TVs  that will soon be making their way to South Africa.

Samsung has been a leader in the TV space for the past eight years and from what I have witnessed, I can confirm that their new range just keeps getting better.

So prepare you credit cards – as not even a picture can paint accurately what a curved UHD TV looks like!

From HD to UDH

Samsung Forum 2014 - UHD TVSamsung Forum 2014 - UHD TV

We used to talk about High Definition (HD) but that is so “last year”. The only acronym to look out for now, is UHD TV which is an Ultra High Definition TV  (or 4k TV as it is also known). This is the highest form of digital television and is all about the resolution which is four times the resolution of the 1080p HD TV resulting in a stunningly sharp images, mesmerising vivid colours and this translates into a superb TV watching experience.

To get such high quality the content ie TV shows, music video, documentaries etc. needs to be filmed in UHD format. Whilst this is currently the default shooting mode, there are obviously many shows that were filmed in other formats prior to UHD. To ensure that even those shows are taking advantage of the Samsung UHD TV, Samsung  has built in Upscalling Technology which takes standard lower-resolution signals and augments the images to make them look better.

The downside of UHD movies is that these could be as large as 100GB in size – not something that everyone can simply download. Therefore Samsung will offer an UHD Videopack. This media centre pack will contain a one terabyte hard disc that connected to you TV via the USB port and comes preloaded with UHD quality Fox and Paramount Pictures films and other UHD content. Customer who purchased the videopack will also be able to download additional UHD content when those become available.

Samsung Forum 2014 - UHD Video PackSamsung Forum 2014 - UHD Video Pack

As technology changes so quickly Samsung has created a way for customers to be able to update their TVs to the latest function.  The Samsung Evolution Kit is the hardware that attaches to the back of a Samsung Smart TV and provides a seamless upgrade to all the latest technology improvements. This means that consumers can enjoy the latest features and services without having to purchase a brand new set and can be done without any technical skills. Simply plug in the Evolution Kit and the TV is updated with the latest features such as as the new Samsung Hub

Samsung Forum 2014 - UHD Evolution kit

The Smart TV has facilities such as :

  • Mutilink Screen allowing you to watch live TV and open a web browser window at the same time and watch them both on the same screen.
  • More TV feature that  is designed for a family experience. The feature allows users to make simple screen and sound captures of the family’s favourite TV moments, and viewers can quickly access the feature with a hot key on the TV’s accompanying remote control.
  • More content as Samsung customers can experience hundreds of free satellite TV channels as part of some of Samsung’s new TVs.

But wait there is more – everything is curvy !

Samsung Forum 2014Samsung Forum 2014

Whilst we love watching movies in 3D, wearing the 3D glasses is not for everyone and trying to watch a 2D movie in 3D doesn’t always work. So Samsung took the UHD TV and gave it a slight curve resulting in a stunning result that needs to be seen to be believed. When you watch a UHD content on a curved TV you get an highly immersive experience that makes everything seem much more real. Objects on the screen seem to be moving in a 3D space as they move from one side of the screen to the other. This is possible due to Samsung’s proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer which is an algorithm that analyses regions of images and automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth.

In Africa, Samsung is introducing Curved UHD TVs in 78-inches and 65-inches. Price and availability will be announced soon.

Samsung Forum 2014 - first 105" curved UHD TVSamsung Forum 2014 - first 105" curved UHD TV


The 110inch Mega Monster

If you really want to impress, then there is only one TV in the Samsung range that has your name all over it. The Samsung UDH 110 inch TV ! To call this a monster TV is unthinkable as each image is just ridiculously crisp to the point that you have to keep reminding yourself that you are watching a TV and not out in the wild swimming with dolphins or in the Amazon rain forest rescuing endangered frogs.

The only slight catch is that this TV costs R3 000 000. Yip. That is 3 million South African Rand and is only available by special orders. If you are thinking of buying one, please tell Samsung that the TheTechieGuy sent you…

No words or pictures will do this TV justice but here it is:

Samsung Forum 2014 - first 110" UHD TVSamsung Forum 2014 - first 110" UHD TV

Samsung Forum 2014 - first 110" UHD TVSamsung Forum 2014 - first 110" UHD TV

Samsung Forum 2014 - first 110" UHD TVSamsung Forum 2014 - first 110" UHD TV

The Life Changing Smart Washing Machine

Samsung Forum 2014 - Smart Washing MachineSamsung Forum 2014 - Smart Washing Machine

When it comes to doing the laundry, there is no one I know who would jump at the opportunity waving their hands furiously shouting “pick me. Pick me”. No one.

Doing the laundry is one of those chores that is done grudgingly as you stare helplessly at the two slots hoping to find a clue as to which one should contain the washing powder and which one you should pour the softener into. Then you need to tackle the task of deciphering what on earth those symbols mean on the various nobs and dials. 40 degree wash or 30 degree satin with colours mixed ?

If you are THAT person, then the machine I saw from Samsung will change your life.

The new WW9000 machine is a space-like machine that should no longer be banished to the back room. It is now an ultra slim body, with a cool blue light and virtually button free interface. Everything is controlled via the 5 inch colour touchscreen display where you simply swipe your finger and select what you want the machine to do then the machine does everything else for you. There are settings such as Gardening (for those grass and mud stains), Cooking & Dining (for those food stains), Hygiene Care, Active Sports, Active Kids and Working & Everyday.

But if you are still confused,  fear not. Samsung has a single option especially for you – the Auto Optimal Wash.

When you select the the Auto Optimal Wash, the machine uses its sensors to identify information about the washing load you just put in. Besides weighing the load, it measures just how  dirty the washing is so it is able to dispense the correct amount of heat, water, washing detergent and softener. It just does it all fro you.

The inside drum of the machine has been redesigned to create more bubbles (known as ecobubble) which allows for more air and water to be pushed through the washing to dissolve the washing detergent even faster than before. This means less hot water is required and thus saving electricity used on every load. Great tech for Africa where both electricity and water are commodities that needed to be saved.

Just when you think it could not get any better – it does. If you have a WiFi network at home, you can connect your washing machine to it as the WW9000 washer comes equipped with Smart Control. When you install the app on your Android phone, then you can remotely control and monitor the washer. You can start or pause a cycle, get notifications on remaining cycle-time and be informed when the wash is complete.

Yes, even the washing machine has been upgraded to cool status that even teenagers will start to argue about whose turn it is to do the washing !

Samsung Forum 2014 - Smart Washing Machine touch screenSamsung Forum 2014 - Smart Washing Machine touch screen

Other Products:

Samsung displayed their camera range including this NX30 camera and lenses. The NX30 is leading towards a more professional audience with its 1/8000 sec Shutter Speed and the 9 frame per seconds (FPS) Continuous Shooting mode. The camera also has a Tag n Go feature which along with the WiFi and NCF allows images to be shared to other devices. The camera is pre-loaded with DropBox and photos can also be uploaded directly to Flickr. More on this when I review this camera.

Samsung Forum 2014 - NX30 cameraSamsung Forum 2014 - NX30 cameraSamsung Forum 2014 - NX30 camera

The Samsung Mobile Console caught my eye. It is a mobile gaming bracket that turns your Galaxy products into a gaming console.

Simply hook p your Galaxy device into the console and begin playing your favourite game with proper controls. You can also hook up your Galaxy into your TV and via Bluetooth continue to control the game with your controller. Vey neat

Samsung Forum 2014 - Mobile ConsoleSamsung Forum 2014 - Mobile ConsoleSamsung Forum 2014 - Mobile Console

There are many accessories that compliment the Samsung range such as Bluetooth mouse and keyboard adaptors for the various tablets and new funky covers from top designers.

Samsung Forum 2014 - accessoriesSamsung Forum 2014 - accessoriesSamsung Forum 2014 - accessories


The Samsung Forum 2014 in pics:

Samsung Forum 2014Samsung Forum 2014 - Grant InstagrammingSamsung Forum 2014

Samsung Forum 2014Samsung Forum 2014Samsung Forum 2014 - Nafisa and Jo hard at work

Samsung Forum 2014 - Jo loving the TVSamsung Forum 2014 - curves and moe curvesSamsung Forum 2014 - I was there

Samsung Forum 2014Samsung Forum 2014 - the venueSamsung Forum 2014 - Journos waiting for the bus

Samsung Forum 2014 - Samsung's Tanya Samsung Forum 2014 - MasterChef Celeb: RubinSamsung Forum 2014 - Sean having a chat

Samsung Forum 2014 - Kojo chillin (litrially)Samsung Forum 2014 - Da BoyzSamsung Forum 2014 - Samsung's Michelle Potgieter & Jannie

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