Samsung Galaxy Note – Mind the Gap…


If you ever travelled on the London Underground, you will see these signs everywhere – Mind the Gap. Basically informing people (ie tourists) not to stand too close to the platform’s edge as there is a smurf-size gap between the platform and the train.

Tonight I am invited to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note in South Africa and as every good techie does, I did some research about the product. What keeps coming up is “the Galaxy Note is the bridge between a Phone and Tablet”.

Now I am excited !

update 3 Nov 2011: the Launch was awesome and the device is classy !

Like most people, I carry an all beeping, buzzing, vibrating smartphone every time something and everything  happens in my digital life. I look at the screen and there are emails, Tweets, Facebook, SMS & Instant Messages. I can interact with all this electronic communication from my phone – no tablet need apply. Yet, I still carry a Tablet and in some cases dare I say it a laptop (“thats like so last year pop”)

so why do I do that ? “Just in case” – you know: “just in case a client phones and needs a quote” or “just in case I need to sign a contract whilst having coffee with a friend” or “just in case I need to sort our a client’s server from being hacked”  (true story)– I cant do this from my phone, need something bigger and more powerful.

On most days, I schlep my Tablet with me “just in case” and ultimately fire it up to play Angry Birds whilst killing time between meetings. The days that I leave the tablet in the office, ultimately are the days that the “just in case” scenario happens…that is just how it works.

So this brings me back to why I am excited about one device. Small enough to be a phone but large enough and with enough oomph to be a productive tool.

Many have tried in the past (remember the Imate JasJar ? ) but with the Galaxy Note’s power, screen resolution and Samsung experience with tablets – I think this could be the winning combination.

We have been through the “my phone is smaller then yours” which got to Zoolander-ridiculous proportions and now its not about size but rather usability.


I know the Apple People will give it a bash (literally) comparing it with all things iPhone – but iDontCare.

I cant wait to see the Galaxy Note in action – especially the S Pen. Don’t make the mistake of calling it a “stylus” – not cool. Apparently it is spectacular.

I really hope that the gap between Tablet and Phone can be found with the Galaxy Note.

“Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, train is coming – Mind the Gap…”

Lookout for the more info after this evening’s launch.

update 3 Nov 2011: the Launch was awesome and the device is classy !

Galaxy Note Specifications :

Galaxy Note Commercial:


  1. looking foreward to your thoughts on this device,trying to get one soon,but coming from n900 not sure of what to expect,what it can and cannot do.

    1. Hi Adrian,
      The Nokia N900 is a great little device. The main difference right of the bat, is that you don’t have keyboard with the Galaxy Note. Now that is something I am particularly looking to check out as I am a “keyboard man”. The soft-keyboard and I don’t click (if you excuse the pun).

      This S-Pen is suppose to be amazing and if it is, then I am willing compromise on the keyboard to get everything else (besides you can get a bluetooth keyboard anyways).

      Watch this space !

      ps. if you have a spare moment, would you mind clicking this link to give me a vote for the 2011 South African Blog Awards ?

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