Samsung becomes a GEMA global strategic partner

Samsung becomes a GEMA global strategic partner

At Mobile World Congress is where secrets-deals that have been in the making behind-the-scenes come to  see the light of day as corporates proudly make global announcements.

When it comes to Samsung, all eyes are waiting for Samsung to announce the latest flagship Galaxy S5 product tonight, however Samsung has another Ace up its sleeve.

Samsung has announces that they have entered into a global strategic partnership with the Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA).

If you are corporate operating in different regions of the world, then this announcement is of great interest to you:

Who is GEMA ?

Samsung becomes a GEMA global strategic partner

Multinational corporates operating in different regions of the word face the difficulty of implementing a consistent and uniform operating methodology as each region has its own nuances and its own service providers. This results in corporates having to adapt their processes and procedures for each region which plays havoc in standardisation of the company.

This is where GEMA comes in to help.

GEMA is a collection of mobile service companies operating around the world that have developed a common global infrastructure which enables them to uniformly support the mobile service needs of multinational corporations.  The  common infrastructure, allows the GEMA members the means of delivering on a consistent service level agreement across borders with a single set of methodologies regardless of geography, and best-in-class services regardless of time-of-day.

GEMA’s core offerings includes:

  • Enterprise mobility professional services
  • Device deployment (including device imaging, scalable logistics and end user support)
  • Enterprise mobility management and implementation
  • 24/7 end user helpdesk and multi-language support
  • Expense management, analytics and reporting

Whilst the partnership extends to future GEMA members, GEMA’s current members covered in the partners include companies who operate in virtually every corner of the globe including: Mexico, Middle East, Africa, CIS, Eastern Europe,Netherlands, Belgium,Luxembourg, Australia,New Zealand, Brazil, China, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, US,Canada, India and Italy.  With over 10 additional potential GEMA alliance members currently in due diligence from across the world, additional GEMA organisations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America will increase the scope and diversity of the GEMA and Samsung partnership in the coming months.

So what does the Samsung deal mean with GEMA ?

Samsung becomes a GEMA global strategic partner

By having Samsung become a strategic partner of GEMA it means that anywhere in the world where there is a GEMA associated company, as a Samsung KNOX Platinum partner, that company will be authorised to resell Samsung products in their respective territories, including Samsung KNOX-enabled mobile devices. The Term mobile extends to laptops as well as mobile phones and tablets.

Additionally, the partnership will cover the provision of “Samsung Care” services, professional services and joint sales and marketing activities globally.

Samsung Care includes the world-first African initiative of Accidental Damage from Handling  (ADH) which expands the limited warranty to include accidental damage by customers including  water spills, breakage, drops or electrical surges. The  Advanced Exchange Service provides with additional devices from a buffer stock so that employees are able to continue to work whilst their device is being repaired. Once the device is repaired, it is returned not to the user but to inventory and can be used to replace another broken device. This buffer stock can be maintained at the customer site minimizing the downtime an employee suffers without their Samsung devices.

Samsung currently also offers three services types exclusively for its laptop PC products which include:
1. PC On-Site Service (which can include next-business-day on-site service)
2. PC Accessory Service (e.g., battery)
3. PC Defective Media Retention Service (under which companies with highly sensitive data can get a replacement hard disk drive but still keep the defective HDD rather than sending it to Samsung, allowing the customer to prevent the potential leakage of valuable information)

It is not clear whether all of Samsung Care services will extend globally and at what rate and to which regions.

What are the Samsung KNOX services ?

According to IDG survey, companies say that this is how they use their mobile devices:

  • 88 % are accessing email/messaging
  • 74 % are accessing instant messaging
  • 74 % are accessing personal information managers
  • 69 % are accessing conferencing solutions

There is  a delicate security-balancing act that companies need to manage. On the one hand of the scale they need to allow their employees to be mobile and still access the  company information  when they are out of the office  whilst on the other side of the scale they need to retain information security integrity.

This is where Samsung KNOX set of services comes in to help IT managers sleep better at night knowing that their information is safe.

Samsung KNOX are a set of enterprise mobile solutions that aim to tackle head-on the security needs of a corporate without stepping on the user’s toes and invading personal data.

Samsung KNOX is made up of:

Samsung becomes a GEMA global strategic partner

more info on Samsung KNOX here

So in Summary:

When it comes to secure corporate mobile solutions, BlackBerry has owned that territory. With this announcement, Samsung has sent a clear message that they are going after the corporate market on a global basis. By becoming GEMA’s strategic partner, they have created the opportunity for the GEMA companies to  streamline their mobile offering to include the secure Samsung enabled KNOX products as part of the mobility solution.

Regardless if you are a consumer looking to take a selfie or if you are an enterprise looking for secure mobile solution Samsung wants to be your provider of choice.


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