SA Internet Map– Are these the Circles of effective measure?

SA Internet Map– Are these the Circles of effective measure?

If you ever wondered what the South African internet landscape looked and which website is leading the race in their own category, now there is a website that you can go to.

Head over to where MyBroadband sponsored multimedia specialist Marius Hollenbach to design a graphical representation overview of the leading sites in South Africa.

Each website on the map is represented by a circle. The larger the circle, the more unique South African browsers visit that site. This information is gathered from  Effective Measure which is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa (formally known as the DMMA), and provides accurate traffic statistics for South Africa’s top websites.

Of course there is no obligation for a website to use Effective Measures and therefore not all website are represented on the interactive map.

Rudolf Muller editor at MyBroadband, confirms that the stats for the sites represents only South African originated web browser which represents the South African audience. All international audiences are excluded.

So how effective are they ?

As you play around the different circles, note that when you hover over a site, it will display the Unique Browser number and the Page Views. What is interesting is how some sites have a high number of visitors but a lower number of page views which means that lots of people visit the site, but they don’t read many pages. Conversely a site like has a relatively small number of visitors 20207 but a high number of Page views  150240 showing a more engaged audience.  

This is my debate of what an “effective measure” really is – Just having a high number of people visiting a site, doesn’t represent an engaged reader and sites offering content should be looking at measuring time spent per person on the site verses just a hit.

Rudolf agrees that “Time spend on a site is indeed a valuable measure for engagement….there are moves to delve deeper into the concept of reader by analytics firms. At this stage unique browsers and page views continue to be the measures used.”

In my previously written article  about  Pageivews Measurement, I look at why Pageviews is the incorrect yard stick to measure a “reader” and is effectively like measuring the thousands of 15 seconds-prank phone calls to your office and saying “Wow – look customers love us !”

The effect and reach of a content site needs to change beyond just one stat. And in the absent of the absolute unit of measurement, we tend to fall back on what we can measure – Pageviews.

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