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Roy & his Galaxy Note–what a good match

Love being mobile - Galaxy Note, Acer Netbook, MTN LTE and coffee

I dig my non-paying “job” as a Techie Blogger. I went to the Samsung Galaxy Note demo in Sandton city and was speaking to Roy Blumenthal via Twitter – one of the artists on the day.  I wanted to find out more about how artist use the Galaxy Note as their tool for expression and Roy was kind enough to meet me for a cup of coffee to talk all things Android Tech.

Roy carried with him the Galaxy Note and over his shoulder he had a strap that was a harness for his iPad. Obviously we are dealing with a not so secret Techie ! This was instantly confirmed when Roy discussed the various ROM he tried on his Note and that certain app he has required Root access to the device. I was in good Tech Company.

Otter Box - carying "device" for any tabletOtter Box - with an iPad

Roy’s recalled how he got started with digital art by chance meeting after a conference where the idea of being  Visual Facilitator was born. For those of us who don’t know what that is, its when Roy has a tablet connected to a huge TV screen and during the conference, as speakers are presenting, Roy draw images & caricatures to visually present what the speaker is discussing. No pressure !

I asked Roy about if the Galaxy Note is up to the job for a Digital Artists ? Roy confirmed unequivocally yes. The Note’s sensitivity allows for simple manipulation of images, brush strokes, shading and erasing of the art work.

Whilst his hand is still freshly bandaged and in a cast, Roy has gripped the S-pen from the Note and effortlessly began drawing – whilst simultaneously chatting away and having his Decaf Latte (still shell socked about having to even say those words). And they say MEN cant multitask !!!

Over the quick cup of coffee, he masterfully produced my caricature. I am still in awe of how he taps the application to a new blank “page” and with every selection of brush strokes,  thickness  setting,  selection of colour and layer by layer an image is created.

We discussed how the Galaxy Note is a phenomenal device with its Android operating system. The flexibility and the freedom that you get with the Note allows you be assured of a great communication device no matter where you are and in what circumstances. Roy confirms that he hardly uses his iPad when he had the Note with him. I agree. No point in carrying two devices that can do the same thing.

So in summary:

I met a really cool dude all because of Tech. The Samsung Note event was covered for this blog, and Twitter drove a discussion which lead to a meet-up. I am sure I can introduce Roy to various companies that arrange conference to make use of his Visual Services.

By the way: Well done Samsung for choosing such a good ambassador for the Note…oh and Roy isn’t bad either 🙂

Gotta love tech !


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Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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