Religion, Politics and Sex do they mix with business Social Network



“Ignorance is bliss” . I never really understood this sentence until these past couple of days and the way my timelines have filled up with mindless Retweets and Post from people I respected.

The golden rule when you are with people that you do not know well is never speak about Religion, Politics and Sex. You simply don’t know who you will offend with what comment.

For this reason, when I use my Social Networks, I have a clear distinction between my multiple personalities:

  • I used Facebook as my “home persona” so its ok to let loose there, bitch about what happened at my kids school, comment on news events and upload pics from that fancy dress party. I have no work “friends” there.
  • Google+ I set aside as my “work persona”. There I upload my work related posts, blogs and comments etc. Its my professional me.
  • Twitter I use to communicate with work related questions/ issues/ ideas revolving around tech.

The worlds do not mix.

I have been going through my Twitter and Google+ and am horrified to see that some people clearly do not have a work/ personal boundary as they feel the need to post and share and Re-Tweet everything all together.

Note: I am not referring to people who use social networks specifically for religious or political reasons. This is a choice whether to follow them or not. I am referring to the “everyday” person who mixes the business, religion, political and sexual post together. The timelines reads like trinyg to follow someone’s train of thorugh who suffers from A.D.D. First its about tech phone, then about downed airliners, then about Israel/ Gaza, then about Microsoft, then about strikes, then a quote for the weekend. Eh…WTF?

Here is a case where ignorance is bliss. Now I know things that I wish I didn’t know such as:

  • Someone I know has attended an AWB rally this weekend
  • Someone I know is blatantly open about her affair to piss off her husband
  • Someone I know is pro the destruction of Israel and the Jews
  • Someone I know has supported the killing of the miners and think all black people should be killed
  • Someone I know is very Islam-aphobic to a disgusting degree

How do I look these people in the eye when I see them again ? How do I work with these people now ?

Yes, we all have opinions about everything, but as a socially responsible person with followers on social network, you need to remember that your followers are there because of your expertise or knowledge in a specific area and not for your political ideology or religious bias.

So in this case “ignorance is bliss” is the way it should be. What your personal opinions are about topics that have no bearing on the reason I follow you, should remain just that – personal and not spewed out all over the timelines. Business owners who have Social Media presence should be especially mindful as the impact is not only against the person but has serious reputation damages too.

Result: Unfollow


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