Razer Comms goes mobile

Razer Comms goes mobile

When you are in the middle of a hectic battle and your team is pinned down under heavy fire, you need to be able to chat to your team and get out of the bad situation. To enhance game experience, Razer, who is the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems,  have created the Razer Comms app which is an all-in-one communications solution for gamers.The Comms app offers gamers the ability to speak to each other via VoIP and has instant messaging capabilities with group chat option too. So regardless where your team member is from, they are in the loop and know the next step as you issue out commands.

The comms app runs as an overlay ontop of your game so you don’t have to break away and alt-tab to it just to see what a team member sent. This is distracting from the game and can cost you the mission. You can now tell that Razer are gamers themselves to come up with a non-distracting solution.

Now Razer has taken the Comms app one step further and announced the launch of the Android version of Razer Comms. Gamers can now make calls and send messages from the in-game app to Android phones that have the app installed. The Android gamers will also be able to reply to messages and these will appear on the screen via the pc-client app.

Razer Comms goes mobileRazer Comms goes mobile
Features of Razer Comms for Android:

  • Instant Messaging for 1on1 and groups
  • Crystal clear VoIP Calls for 1on1 and groups
  • In-app UI overlay allows to handle calls while staying in active app
  • SMS-Forwarding and Call Notifications to PC to stay connected on PC and in game
  • Works with Phones and Tablets
Features of Razer Comms for PC:

  • Crystal clear VoIP Comms
  • In-game UI overlay displaying chat and incoming VoIP
  • Channels easily created and managed for real-time discussions
  • Push-to-Talk functionality for fast and effective communication
  • Game Launcher for quick game access at startup
  • Server-based infrastructure prevents exposure of personal IP address


the Android version is freely available for download from the Google Play store today and the iOS version of Razer Comms is tentatively scheduled for early 2014.

For more information about Razer Comms, please visit www.razerzone.com/comms.

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