Proof that Inverter works !

if you had read my other posts regarding Power Shedding (No Power, Power Shedding, SOS)- I now have proof that it works !

So there I was chilled on the couch on Saturday evening watching TV with the family when all of a sudden there was no electricity. Having read that Eskom promised no more Power Shedding, I thought something must have tripped in my house and all I need to do is flip the switch back on and it will work.

Imagine my surprise when all my house switches were in the UP position and when I looked at the other houses they were also in complete darkness.

After swearing at Eskom yet again I thought this would be the oppurtune time to put Theory to a real world test- will the Inverter + Battery work (see: Power Shedding) ?

So I hook up the Inverter, connect the leads to the battery and connect a gang-of-plugs to the inverter and to that I connected the 47″ LCD TV, 74cm TV and PVR.

I then powered it on and it worked like a dream !

I had two TVs on, the kids were watching Cartoon Network (and constantly changing between Power Puff Girls and Casper )and the big people we were watching something my wife recorded on the PVR. We were also pausing, fast forwarding, rewinding etc.

The system ran like this for 1 hour and 45 minutes before the power was restored.

Here is my Setup:

Now all I need to do is charge the battery with my trickle charger when the power is back on !

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  1. If you permanently connect the system to an INTELLIGENT battery charger, you will never be effected by power-outs. I use this system for my home-office to power my computer laptop via its mains charger.
    I will shortly buy a DC-DC transformer to take the power directly from the battery to the laptop, thus cutting out the inverter. This way I can also run the laptop off the car’s cig-lighter socket.(Needs a VERY SPECIFIC type of DC-DC transformer, so get expert advice.)

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