Pricecheck and WayTag – Making SA Proud at BlackBerry Achievement Award

BlackBerry Achievement Award

I take pride in telling the world that in South Africa we have internationally ranked talent. Once again I have been proven right. Not once but Twice.

BlackBerry hosts the BlackBerry Achievement Award which is annual event where the best BlackBerry apps from around the world compete to win the coveted recognition of best app.

This year, two South Africans Apps are finalist: PriceCheck app is a finalist in the App of the Year category and WayTag is a finalist in the Mobile Innovation of the Year category.


The PriceCheck app is a mobile app that is available on Nokia, iOS, Android and of course BlackBerry including BlackBerry 10. The PriceCheck apps lets shoppers scan a  product’s barcode or run a search for a specific item and the system looks through its vast catalogue of products and reviews and returns to the shopper a list of all the places (both online and offline) that have the item for sale. It also shows the shopper the prices that each shop sells the exact same item at which makes comparing and finding best prices a breeze. The application is so successful that PriceCheck now processes a barcode scan off their App every 10-20 seconds.

PriceCheck GM, Andre de Wet is a happy man. ‘’Being selected out of more than 100 000 BlackBerry 10 apps worldwide is quite a milestone and as South Africans we can be pretty chuffed about it. It shows what is being done locally on mobile is world-class and what PriceCheck is doing for mobile shopping is the right way to go.’’

I used this app repeatedly when I was overseas. Every time I saw an item that I wanted to buy, the first step was to whip out my phone and check how much the same product can be bought for back in SA. This apps literally saved me money.


If you ever had the misfortune and “joy” of trying to explain to someone where you are and how to get to you, you will appreciate WayTag. With Waytag, typing a five-line address into a BlackBerry® smartphone becomes a thing of the past. Waytags are the simplest way to locate people, businesses, places, objects and events so anyone can navigate to find each other using their unique one word location tag such as “Meet me at !Steven.”

Just like on the Internet you don’t need to know that is actually, same here for addressing. Why type the GPS coordinates or the Street Name, Stree Number, Suburb, City when you can just type !Liron. The WayTag knows where !Liron is. So even if I change my location, my WayTag stays the same.

Waytag has partnered with TomTom® to make finding and getting to people across 106 countries simpler and more convenient than typing a full address. It is mobile available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry including BlackBerry 10

Need you help !

Show your support by voting for PriceCheck and for WayTag in the BlackBerry Achievement Award. All you have to do is click on this link: and select Vote for Me button under each app. Then don’t forget to click on Submit your Vote button at the bottom of the page or your votes will not count.

The deadline for voting is 15th April so vote now and don’t forget to tell your friends to vote too.

Then we wait for the winner to be announces at BlackBerry Live between 14-16 May.




Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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