Playbook gets a software update V2.1.0.1526

Playbook software update

BlackBerry has released their latest update for the Playbook. We are now on version v2.1.0.1526 which is roughly 133Mb in size to download.

Whats inside the Playbook update v2.1.0.1526 ?

According to the official BlackBerry Playbook site the following has been done:

  • Improvements to Gmail® and Yahoo!® account setup services
  • Enhancements to browser performance
  • Audio Boost update to comply with European Standard ‘EN 60950-1/A12’
  • Renaming of BlackBerry App World™ storefront to BlackBerry® World™ storefront

Note: this update is for the W-Fi only Playbook only.

Whilst its not the BlackBerry 10 update just yet, I am glad to see that BlackBerry is still carrying on in their support of their loyal Playbook fans. I am sure that BB10 is still some time away as BlackBerry is focusing on their handsets but its in the pipeline somewhere – hang in there my fellow Playbook users !

As Alec Saunders says/ sing: “its worth the wait”

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