Platform Smackdown–how do you choose which Social Networking platform you should use ?

ITWeb Socail Media Summit

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest.LinkedIn. Google+. YouTube.  These various social networks are a must for any business trying to stay in touch with their customers. The problem is that there is no formula that guarantees the success of Social Networking and there are so many views and opinions that businesses don’t know where to turn and who to trust.

To assist businesses in making the right decision, ITWeb is hosting its second annual Social Media Summit where industry experts are gathered to addressed various aspects of Social life on the web.  The summit’s headline keynote speaker is Ryan Hogarth, a well known speaker and business strategist, who will outline how businesses can bring about success through embracing social media. Tallulah Habib, programme director  states that  “ineffective use of social media can lead to an organisation falling behind competitors, disappointed customers and clients, and even legal issues.”

Day 1 – Platform Smackdown

So with so many platforms available how do you choose the right one for your business ?

At the ‘Platform Smackdown’ on day one, advocates for the most popular social media platforms locally – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mxit and Google+ – will outline the ways different platforms can be utilised by business and give concrete examples of the kinds of businesses that are using them well. They will then defend their chosen platform as part of a panel discussion.

  • Jared Molko, YouTube partnerships and product solutions lead at Google will be representing Google+ and YouTube. Molko’s day job is developing content strategies for YouTube’s premium partners. Prior to that, he was Google’s digital consultant to top tier advertisers and agencies in the finance sector, advising on strategies for Google networks and channels.
  • Jodene Shaer is a media publicist and a hashtag specialist and she will be representing Twitter. She has over 30 000 followers on Twitter (the most of any South African non-celebrity) and is the founder of the #followSA hashtag.
  • In Facebook’s corner is Jordan Wallace, the owner of Gorilla Creative Media. Wallace has worked at Praekelt Consulting and Unilever. His agency has done social campaigns for the likes of Axe, Ponds, Hansa and Nissan Navara.
  • No local social media event would be complete without representation from Mxit. Vincent Maher, who was once director of the New Media Lab at Rhodes University School of Journalism & Media Studies, is now Mxit’s chief marketing officer. He has years of industry experience and social media expertise to back his arguments on behalf of our local social platform.
  • Finally Zibusiso Mkhwanazi, CEO of AVATAR, will be the LinkedIn advocate. Mkhwanazi offers LinkedIn training and often presents on the subject. Mkhwanazi has received numerous awards, including the Africa Achievers awards for Top ICT Individual in Africa, and Top ICT Young Entrepreneur in Africa, and IT Personality finalist for 2009 and 2010.

The conference will also examine the governance, HR and legal issues relating to social media, such as how to craft effective social media policy for employees. Market leaders will provide case studies of how they have used social media to create business value.

Day 2 – Analytics Intensive

The second summit day will provide an analytics intensive. Delegates will be given insight into how to measure their social media success and will come away with a thorough understanding of the power (and limitations) of social networking.
Experts will teach those present how they might pull valuable data from social networks, analyse it and report on it. Case studies will demonstrate how such data can be used within an organisation to improve connections with customers and clients, manage an organisation’s online reputation and assist with business decision-making.

The ITWeb Social Media Summit takes place 14 August. You can book your seat here. Follow the hashtag #ITWebSocial for the latest updates.

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