Phone Virus – Dirty talk is bad for your health

germs on your phone

Sick again. It must be this change in weather or pollen in the air or that man you sat to on the plane that was coughing which made you sick. Right? The truth is that we just never know where we picked up those pesky germs that keeps coming back again and again and again. But have you noticed that over the past couple of years we tend to get sick more often than we used to ?

Once again we can blame the mobile device. According to the DailyMail Hygiene expert Jim Francis, who carried out the research has revealed that the average mobile phone handset carries 18 times more potentially harmful germs than a flush handle in a men’s toilet.

Some phone handset had 39 times the safe level of enterobacteria, a group of bacteria that live in the lower intestines of humans and animals and include bugs such as Salmonella. It boasted 170 times the acceptable level of faecal coliforms, which are associated with human waste. Other bacteria including food poisoning bugs e.coli and staphylococcus aureus were found on the phones but at safe levels.

Wireless WipesWe handle our phones constantly, even whilst we are eating. So bacteria and germs travel easily between the phone and the food and who know what else. Whilst we dont live in a sterile environment, the mobile phone is the one device that we constantly handle and wave it near our nose and mouth offering the germs an immediate way into our bodies.

We can minimise the germ-attack by obviously washing our hands, using hand-sanitizer and cleaning our phones with bacteria-killing wipes.

I received a product called Wireless Wipes which is specifically designed to target those germs on mobile phones and tablets. The packaging states that “mobile device has more germs than a New York subway seat” and that is pretty yuk!  Having seen the New York subway, I better arm myself with these packets…

[note: this is not a paid-for post but did get Wireless Wipes packets to use]

Want to know how many germs are on your phone ? take this test now

germs on your phone

germs on your phone

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