Now in SA: How to track your phone with Samsung Dive

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

Ever had the awesome feeling when you cant find your phone ? Here is a quick tutorial on how to use Samsung Dive which offers various life-saving & mind-saving tools.

[Note: I am told this service doesnt work across all Samsung device. I have tested it with the Samsung SII, SIII, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy NOTE.

Note 2: If you don’t have one of these Samsung phones but use Blackberry or iPhone, please see my previous post on how to protect your family]

Step 1 is to set up a Samsung Account. Click on this link

Then, on the phone itself, you need to enable the Remote control. You find this under Settings, Security and scroll down until you see Remote control. Put a tick in the checkbox.

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

Technically, you are done. But its always a good idea to test these things.

To use the service, there are two options. There is the Desktop version or the mobile version of the service. I use the mobile version even from my desktop browser.

Simply go to: (if you want the deskop version,

Once you log in, you will be presented with a bubble of the various Samsung devices you have registered. Select the one that you want to trace by clicking on the left and right arrow key. If you only have one device, just select that one.

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

Depends on the device you select there are various options that apply to that device.

For example: on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, I get these options:

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

However on my Galaxy Note, I get these options:

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

Now just select the option that you want and follow the on screen instructions.

Besides the “find my mobile” option that pinpoints your phone, I like the Call logs options that retrieves the call information from your phone. So if you suspect your phone has been stolen, this is a great way to see who they are calling.

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

Also the Ring my mobile is great if the phone is just on silent mode and lost around the house. This options activate an alarm on the phone so you can track it down to behind the sofa or in your kids toy box.

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

Lots to play with here, but one thing to note is that anything that you do from this Remote control console, does leave a trace on the phone. This is for security reason so you can see if anyone is taking over your phone. However, if your phone is stolen it will alert the thieves that you are tacking them too…

Samsung Dive - how to track your phone

You can also watch the Samsung How to Video here:

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev - TheTechieGuy

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17 thoughts on “Now in SA: How to track your phone with Samsung Dive

  1. Hi Liron, nice post you have here. I have one question.

    I’m using this service but whenever I start the service, the mobile get’s a notification that it is tracked and finally ‘found my mobile’ appears on the notification area.

    Is there a way to avoid this notification on the mobile side?

  2. Hi – unfortunately there is no way to hid that. The reason is that the service is for you to track down your phone not in a secretive way. Although I think that it would have been better to give us the choice to hide/ show those notifications.

  3. I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, will this work the same for it?

  4. Hi, pls i have an issue i use the same samsung account for both phones, how can i track just the stolen one?
    i have a very important doc to retrieve…Thanks

  5. bin trying to track my fone bt i cnt find exact location because is offlyn so do i hv to wait til phone become on?

  6. anyone know how to track a stolen phone (Samsung) I didn’t register with Samsung at the start

  7. the device needs an internet connection to be traced with these systems. If it never comes on or has been reformatted in a specific way then it is lost. Suggest calling your cell phone provider and register it there if it is stolen

  8. I have lost my Samsung Tablet 3 and I am seeking for assistance in this matter as that tablet is of value to me and containing alot of my business documents please help me find it my IMEI Number:357645052906410
    my email address that i was using in my phone was [email protected]

    Your assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated

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