Mistakes New Business Owners Make – how to avoid them…

So you have taken the plunge and decided to start your own business – well done !

There is a common mistake that new business owners make when they are starting their own business. – they think small. I mean “after all its just me and my new little business right ?”

WRONG !!!!

Just because it’s a new business and you are the owner and only employee does not make it a small business…

You have to create the illusion that you are an established serious business player. Your potential client does not want to do business with a Mickey-mouse organisation so you have to be that large corporate.

You do this by the following tips:

1. Not me but WE  in your conversation and presentation with the client you always refer to your business in the plural.

Wrong thing to say “I will create that marketing material you request”

Instead say “Our team will create that marketing material you request”

2. Many Departmentsin your business there are many roles for example: Marketing, Accounting, Admin etc. currently you are fulfilling all these roles but to the client to following applies

Wrong thing to say “I will send you that invoice”

Instead say “I will contact our Accounts guys and they will send out that invoice”

3. Professionalism – you absolutely positively need to be professional at all times. Even if the client is your friend/ relation/ friend of a friend does not give you the excuse to lower your standards. It amazing how quickly the word spreads if your work is shoddy and not up to spec. However if you professional even with close relationships this will buy you great credibility and you will get referral work.

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