MTN a clear winner in Ease of Use website

I set out to test how hard is it to find information on popular websites.

I know that the cell phone operator have a special Blackberry contracts that offer only Blackberry services such as BBM, Email and Facebook.

So how hard could it possibly be to find out how much each service provider charges for this Blackberry contract ?

Turns out it is not so simple as this User Experience Eye Tracking case study goes to show just what a user goes through when they try look for information.

Measuring User Experience

I measure how what the user goes through by using the customised Eye Tracking software and hardware. This system locks onto the tester’s pupil and track their exact movement on the screen. This information is then collated and various reports can be created.

The Mission:

This is a “Task-Based Mission”. I instructed the testers to log onto the various cell phone operators websites and simply find their Blackberry contract and report back on who has the cheapest Blackberry service only contract.

The Result:

Quick explanation: The orange line is the eye moving around the screen. The orange circle appears when the user stopped in one location – the larger the circle the more time was spent in that location. Green Circle shows where the user click. Red mouse pointer is the pointer of the mouse – note how the mouse does not go where the eyes do.

  • Company:MTN
  • Total Time to find the information: 20 seconds.
  • Comment: All Blackberry options were compared in one location and the user was able to instantly find what they were tasked to.
  • Company: Cell C
  • Total Time to find the information: 1 minute 9 seconds.
  • Comment:  Even though the information was  available but it was fragmented on different pages. Not all the plans were in one location and the user had to click onto the various pages to compare the options and see the prices for each plan
  • Company: 8ta
  • Total Time to find the information: 1 minute 43 seconds.
  • Comment: It was not clear if 8ta has more than one options for the Blackberry contract. This forced the user to read the various tabs looking for any additional information.
  • Company: Vodacom
  • Total Time to find the information: NONE – 3 minute 57 seconds.
  • Comment: This was by far the most confusing website. As can be seen from the video clip there was no consistency and many clicks resulted in even more clicks that took the user to more pages with no information. In desperation the user even tries to search for the information only to be bombarded by vague search results. The user gave up.

As is seen from the above, MTN is the clear winner of providing the est User Experience when it comes to finding information on the website. Sometime what is clear to us, is not so clear to our user and we always need to be mindful of this when we design our site.

Never forget the User Experience as this is how your customer engages with you.

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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if you could help – where did you get your eye tracking software and hardware from in order to do your testing? Are there any South African companies which specialise in these devices?

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