Mr. and Mrs. VC please MEET Mr. and Mrs. Hot Idea – (part 2)

gee wizzzzz – after my first posting on 1st April (mental note: remind me not to post anything on April Fools !)  regarding Start-ups and the next big thing (see link here) , I had no idea of the response that I would get !

This made me think –

Is there an underground revolution of people bursting with ideas looking for people with money to invest ?

On the same note – are there people with money looking to do something with it like invest in a new start-up business ?

The answer – YES to both !

I have had emails from both sides saying “show me the money !” and the other saying “show me the business !

In light of this, I am thinking of putting together an MEET and GREET meeting where we can marry up both team of people.

The questions are  – what do YOU think of this ? would YOU attend ? would YOU see value ?

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One comment

  1. Hi Thanx for the call today.

    I think this is a great idea. There are far to many great idea’s lying dormant in basements across South Africa. Let me know when you arrange this type of meet and greet.



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